Monday, 7 December 2015

Call for Papers WCCI / IJCNN 2016 Special Session "Computational Intelligence for Unmanned Systems"


An unmanned system(US) is a machine or device that is equipped with necessary data processing units, sensors, automatic control, and communications systems and is capable of performing missions autonomously without human intervention. Unmanned systems include unmanned aircraft, ground robots, underwater explorers, satellites, and other unconventional structures. Computational Intelligence(CI) includes classical evolutionary computation, neural computation, fuzzy systems, swarm intelligence(Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization,.etc.) and other new CI methods such as Bee colony optimization algorithms, Biogeography Based Optimization, Firefly algorithms or hybridizations of CI approaches.

Topics of Interest

This special session aims to cover all subjects of Unmanned Systems relating to the development of automatic machine systems based on CI, which include advanced technologies in unmanned hardware platforms (aerial, ground,underwater and unconventional platforms), unmanned software systems, energy systems, modeling and control, communications systems, computer vision systems, sensing and information processing, navigation and path planning and innovative application case studies.

Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished work to this special session. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: CI methods solving technical issues underlying the development of unmanned systems.

  • Biologically-inspired computing for US
  • CI for motion planning of unmanned aircraft, ground robots, underwater explorers 
  • CI for navigation, mapping and localization of unmanned aircraft, ground robots, underwater explorers 
  • CI for image processing of unmanned aircraft, ground robots, underwater explorers
  • Bio-inspired system on US 
  • Artificial Neural Networks for US 
  • CI on machine learning, intelligent systems design for unmanned hardware platforms (aerial, ground, underwater and unconventional platforms) 
  • CI on machine learning and intelligent systems design for unmanned software systems 
  • CI for energy systems of US 
  • CI for modeling, control and communication systems of US 
  • CI for computer vision systems of US 
  • CI for sensing and information processing of US 
  • Theory and applications of CI and machine learning systems for US 
  • Swarm intelligence for unmanned aircraft, ground robots, underwater explorers and other unconventional structures


Please follow the IEEE CEC2016 instruction for authors and submit your paper via the IEEE CEC 2016 online submission system. Please specify that your paper is for the Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Unmanned Systems.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: 15 Jan, 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 15 Mar, 2016
Final Paper Submission Deadline: 15 Apr, 2016


Hongwei Mo, Harbin Engineering University, China,
Chaomin Luo, University of Detroit Mercy, Michigan, USA.

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