Wednesday 12 December 2012

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Volume 20 Issue 6

1. Robust Nonfragile H_\infty Filtering of Fuzzy Systems With Linear Fractional Parametric Uncertainties
Chang, X-.H.
Page(s): 1001 - 1011

2.  Adaptive Fuzzy Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems by Fuzzy Approximation Approach
Chen, B.; Liu, X. P.; Ge, S. S.; Lin, C.
Page(s): 1012 - 1021

3. Robust Control for Fuzzy Dynamical Systems: Uniform Ultimate Boundedness and Optimality
Huang, J.; Chen, Y-.H.; Cheng, A.
Page(s): 1022 - 1031

4. An Extension of Fuzzy Measures to Multisets and Its Relation to Distorted Probabilities
Torra, V.; Stokes, K.; Narukawa, Y.
Page(s): 1032 - 1045

5. Observer-Based Piecewise Affine Output Feedback Controller Synthesis of Continuous-Time T–S Fuzzy Affine Dynamic Systems Using Quantized Measurements
Qiu, J.; Feng, G.; Gao, H.
Page(s): 1046 - 1062

6. A Global Exponential Fuzzy Observer Design for Time-Delay Takagi–Sugeno Uncertain Discrete Fuzzy Bilinear Systems With Disturbance
Tsai, S.-H.
Page(s): 1063 - 1075

7. Improved Structure Optimization for Fuzzy-Neural Networks
Pizzileo, B.; Li, K.; Irwin, G. W.; Zhao, W.
Page(s): 1076 - 1089

8. A Kernel-Based Framework for Learning Graded Relations From Data
Waegeman, W.; Pahikkala, T.; Airola, A.; Salakoski, T.; Stock, M.; De Baets, B.
Page(s): 1090 - 1101

9. Preference Learning Using the Choquet Integral: The Case of Multipartite Ranking
Tehrani, A. F.; Cheng, W.; Hullermeier, E.
Page(s): 1102 - 1113

10. A Novel Approach to Filter Design for T–S Fuzzy Discrete-Time Systems With Time-Varying Delay
Su, X.; Shi, P.; Wu, L.; Song, Y-.D.
Page(s): 1114 - 1129

11. Fuzzy c-Means Algorithms for Very Large Data
Havens, T. C.; Bezdek, J. C.; Leckie, C.; Hall, L. O.; Palaniswami, M.
Page(s): 1130 - 1146

12. TSK Fuzzy CMAC-Based Robust Adaptive Backstepping Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Lin, C.-M.; Li, H.-Y.
Page(s): 1147 - 1154

13. Uncertain Alternating Renewal Process and Its Application
Yao, K.; Li, X.
Page(s): 1154 - 1160

14. LMI Solution for Robust Static Output Feedback Control of Discrete Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models
Chadli, M.; Guerra, T. M.
Page(s): 1160 - 1165

15. Relaxed Stabilization Criterion for T–S Fuzzy Systems by Minimum-Type Piecewise-Lyapunov-Function-Based Switching Fuzzy Controller
Chen, Y-.J.; Ohtake, H.; Tanaka, K.; Wang, W-.J.; Wang, H. O.
Page(s): 1166 - 1173