Wednesday 30 May 2012

WCCI 2012 Panel Session on Computational Intelligence in Education and University Curricula

The following panel session at WCCI 2012 is organised by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society's Curriculum Subcommittee, and will be held Thursday, June 14, 4:10-5:10pm.

Chairs: Robert Kozma and Jennie Si

Panelists: Haibo He, Janusz Kaczprzyk, Jim Keller, Luis Magdalena, Marios Polycarpou, Lipo Wang

Computational Intelligence is a relatively new research field. A lot of educational materials have been created in various fields of CI in the past decades. However, due to the field's relatively youth, its fundamental achievements has not been organized into a comprehensive curriculum yet. It is crucial for the development of the field to have high-quality educational materials on the state of art of CI. This allows attracting and educating talented and enthusiastic students and documenting the progress in the field. The panel will discuss various areas of CI education, including existing databases and course materials, online resources and video lectures, development of new textbooks, open-source software, and others. Various recommendations for future actions will be discussed as well.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Competition Call for IEEE CIS GOLDs and Students: Pitch your CI Research Idea and Win an iPad 2!!!

The CIS GOLD subcommittee is hosting a “Novel CI Research Idea Pitch” competition during the Student and GOLD reception at WCCI 2012 in Brisbane Australia.

Your Challenge: Design a one-page research proposal of your Computational Intelligence idea and get a chance to pitch your idea to a panel of CI experts and your peers using an “elevator pitch” (3 minute time limit). An “elevator pitch” is a short summary of a research idea. The research area must be “computational intelligence” and the participants must “sell” their idea to the judges to qualify for prizes. A panel of three CI experts will select 3 best pitches and the audience (your peers) will rank 1st, 2nd and 3rdwinner through secret ballot. Prizes will include 1 iPad for 1st winner, certificates and free full year IEEE CIS memberships. Register now for a chance to be heard!

Submission Guidelines: Interested GOLDs and Students should consult the full Brief and Submission Guidelines by going to Registration and submission deadline is June 11th 2012, Midnight EST. (You can register for the competition without submitting the research summary).

Register Now (Space is Limited!):

Thursday 17 May 2012

WCCI 2012 Panel on Real-World Applications of CI

The Industry Liaison Sub-Committee  would like to announce that the WCCI 2012 Panel discussion on Real-world Applications of Computational Intelligence will be held on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 in Great Hall 1&2 during the following timeslot 9:20-10:50.

Panelists will consider topics such as the present state in CI applications, the promising application fields, the main difficulties in bringing academia and industry together, amongst others, and will field questions offering to the audience points of view based on their own experiences.

For more information on the WCCI 2012 Panel, please visit

Wednesday 16 May 2012

New CIS LinkedIn Subgroups

The Industry Liaison Sub-Committee announces the formation of two new LinkedIn subgroups of the main IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS) group.

The first is called "Industry" and is meant to serve all the CIS industrial members by offering a medium of communication and linkage for CIS industrial members.  You can use this group to get informed on webinars/tutorials being organized for industrial members, join working groups or discussions around CI industrial activities and share products/services within the CIS community.  If you are interested in joining, please head to for more details or contact the Industry Liaison Sub-Committee Chair at

The second is called "Working Group on CI Real-World Applications" and is meant to serve the working group on CI real-world applications which will discuss contemporary issues with CI real-world applications and disseminate the main ideas that are formed and agreed upon by the working group.  If you are interested in joining, please head to for more details or contact the Industry Liaison Sub-Committee Chair at

For more information on the Industry Liaison Sub-Committee, please visit

Tuesday 15 May 2012

IEEE CIS Facebook Photo Competition

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society are running a photo competition on Facebook. See the flyer below for further details.

Monday 14 May 2012

Call for papers: IJCNN 2013

Mark your calendars for IJCNN 2013 scheduled for August 4-9 at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas.   IJCNN is the premier international conference in the area of neural networks theory, analysis, and applications.  Please note the special deadline dates for tutorial, post-conference workshop, and paper submissions .  For more information, please visit the IJCNN 2013 website at

• Special Session, Tutorial Proposals: December 15, 2012 
• Post-Conference Workshop Proposals: December 15, 2012 
• Paper Submissions Deadline: February 1, 2013 
• Camera-Ready Paper Submissions: May 1, 2013 
• Early Registration: June 15, 2013 

• Neural network theory & models
• Computational neuroscience 
• Cognitive models 
• Brain-machine interfaces 
• Embodied robotics 
• Evolving neural systems 
• Self-monitoring neural systems 
• Learning neural networks 
• Neurodynamics 
• Neuroinformatics 
• Neuroengineering 
• Neural hardware 
• Neural network applications 
• Pattern recognition 
• Machine vision 
• Collective intelligence 
• Hybrid systems 
• Self-aware systems 
• Data mining 
• Data Streams processing 
• Sensor networks 
• Agent-based systems 
• Computational biology 
• Bioinformatics 
• Artificial life 

• Klaas Stephan, University of Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 
• Olaf Sporns, Indiana University 
• Lydia Kavraki, Rice University 

• University of Texas Arlington 
• Missouri University of Science & Technology 
• NSF 
• Cognimem 
• Toyota 

General Co-Chairs: Plamen Angelov, Lancaster University and Daniel Levine, University of Texas at Arlington 
Program Chair: Péter Érdi, Kalamazoo College, Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
Program Co-Chairs: Marley Vellasco, Pontifícia Universidade Catόlica do Rio de Janeiro and Emilio del Moral Hernandez, University of Sao Paulo 
Competitions Chair: Sven Crone, Lancaster University, UK 
Tutorials Chair: Leonid Perlovsky, US Air Force, Harvard University 
Special Sessions Chair: Radu-Emil Precup, Politehnica University of Timisoara 
Web Reviews Chair: Thomasz Cholewo, Lexmark International Inc. 
Panels Chair: Juyeng Weng, Michigan State University 
Publicity Chair: Bill Howell, NRCan, Ottawa 
Awards Chair: Arthur Kordon, The Dow Chemical Co., TX 
Sponsors & Exhibits Chair: Jagannathan Sarangipani, Missouri University of Science and Technology 
Publications Chair: Bruno Apolloni, University of Milan 
International Liaison: Carlo Morabito, University of Reggio Calabria 
European Liaison: Petya Koprinkova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 
Webmaster: Dan Alexandru, Politehnica University of Timisoara 

Saturday 12 May 2012

CIS Webinars

Dear Colleagues,

The Webinars program of the CIS is to organize seminars and distributes them through the web, where hot topics in Computational Intelligence are disseminated to our society members. Our society is looking for interested and capable individuals to disseminate their latest research findings or provide tutorial regarding CI topics to our members at large.

Webinars are an effective and efficient tool to perform these presentations; therefore, you are kindly invited to give a webinar in Computational Intelligence to our society members. The webinar will be archived in the CIS Education repository  If you are interested, please submit a talk title to the Webinars Subcommittee Chair , Moufid Harb , at

We appreciate your cooperation

Thursday 10 May 2012

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2012.


These articles can be retrieved on IEEE Xplore: or directly by clicking the individual paper URL below. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2012 

1. Title: New Semi-Supervised Classification Method Based on Modified Cluster Assumption Authors: Yunyun Wang; Songcan Chen; Zhi-Hua Zhou Page(s): 689 - 702 

2. Title: Variational Regularized 2-D Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Authors: Bin Gao; W. L. Woo; S. S. Dlay Page(s): 703 - 716 

3. Title: Neural CMOS-Integrated Circuit and Its Application to Data Classification Authors: Izzet Cem Gökna; Merih Yıldız; Shahram Minaei; Engin Deniz Page(s): 717 - 724 

4. Title: H∞ State Estimation for Discrete-Time Complex Networks With Randomly Occurring Sensor Saturations and Randomly Varying Sensor Delays Authors: Derui Ding; Zidong Wang; Bo Shen; Huisheng Shu Page(s): 725 - 736 

5. Title: Error Analysis for Matrix Elastic-Net Regularization Algorithms Authors: Hong Li; Na Chen; Luoqing Li Page(s): 737 - 748 

6. Title: Hybrid Dimensionality Reduction Method Based on Support Vector Machine and Independent Component Analysis Authors: Sangwoo Moon; Hairong Qi Page(s): 749 - 761 

7. Title: Variational Learning for Finite Dirichlet Mixture Models and Applications Authors: Wentao Fan; Nizar Bouguila; Djemel Ziou Page(s): 762 - 774 

8. Title: Class of Widely Linear Complex Kalman Filters Authors: Dahir H. Dini; Danilo P. Mandic Page(s): 775 - 786 

9. Title: Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on a Novel Robust Echo State Network Authors: Decai Li; Min Han; Jun Wang Page(s): 787 - 799 

10. Title: Regularization Path for ν-Support Vector Classification Authors: Bin Gu; Jian-Dong Wang; Guan-Sheng Zheng; Yue-Cheng Yu Page(s): 800 - 811 

11. Title: Discrete-Time Neural Network for Fast Solving Large Linear L1 Estimation Problems and its Application to Image Restoration Authors: Youshen Xia; Changyin Sun; Wei Xing Zheng Page(s): 812 - 820 

12. Title: Solving the Assignment Problem Using Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Improved Dual Networks Authors: Xiaolin Hu; Jun Wang Page(s): 821 - 827 

13. Title: Estimator Design for Discrete-Time Switched Neural Networks With Asynchronous Switching and Time-Varying Delay Authors: Dan Zhang; Li Yu; Qing-Guo Wang; Chong-Jin Ong Page(s): 827 - 834 

14. Title: Weighted Least-Squares Approach for Identification of a Reduced-Order Adaptive Neuronal Model Authors: Lingfei Zhi; Jun Chen; Peter Molnar; Aman Behal Page(s): 834 - 840 

15. Title: Complete Synchronization of Boolean Networks Authors: Rui Li; Tianguang Chu Page(s): 840 - 846 16. Title: Data-Driven Cluster Reinforcement and Visualization in Sparsely-Matched Self-Organizing Maps Authors: Narine Manukyan; Margaret J. Eppstein; Donna M. Rizzo Page(s): 846 - 852

Call for papers: CEC 2013

The annual IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation is one of the leading events in the area of evolutionary computation. It covers all topics in evolutionary computation, including, but not limited to:

Ant colony optimization Dynamic & uncertain environments Genetic algorithms
Artificial immune systems Emerging areas Hybrid evolutionary
Artificial life Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Linkage in evolutionary computation
Autonomous mental & behavior development Evolution strategies Memetic algorithms
Bioinformatics & computational biology Evolutionary data mining Molecular computing
Classifier systems Evolutionary design Multi-objective
Coevolution & collective behavior Evolutionary games Network-on-chip based systems
Cognitive systems & applications Evolutionary intelligent agents Online & Self-
Combinatorial & numerical optimization Evolutionary learning systems Parallel evolutionary computation
Computational intelligence in games Evolutionary programming Particle swarm
Computer vision Evolutionary robotics Quantum computing
Constraint handling Evolvable hardware Real-world applications
Cultural algorithms Evolvable software Representation &
Developmental systems Evolved art & music Scheduling & planning
Differential evolution Evolving fuzzy systems Swarm intelligence
Distributed evolutionary computation Evolving neural networks Theory

CEC 2013 will bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of evolutionary computation and computational intelligence from around the globe. Technical exchanges within the research community will encompass keynote speeches, special sessions and tutorials as well as presentations and posters. Participants will be treated to a series of social functions and networking sessions, which will serve as a vital channel to establish new connections and foster lasting friendship among fellow counterparts.

Call for Contributed Papers
Prospective authors are invited to contribute high-quality papers. All papers are to be submitted electronically through the Conference website. Program and general inquires can be made to:

Call for Special Sessions
Special sessions aim to bring together researchers in special focused topics. Papers submitted for special sessions will be peer-reviewed with the same criteria used for the contributed papers. Researchers interested in organizing special sessions are invited to submit formal proposals to the Special Sessions Chair Efrén Mezura Montes at A special session proposal should include the session title, a brief description of the scope and motivation, and the names, contact information and brief CV of the organizers.

Call for Tutorials
CEC 2013 will feature pre-congress tutorials covering fundamental and advanced evolutionary computation topics. A tutorial proposal should include title, outline, expected enrolment, and presenter biography. Tutorials are expected to run for 2 hours each. Researchers interested in organizing tutorials are invited to submit proposals to the Tutorials Chair Ricardo Takahashi at

You can down the document of call for papers in pdf here.

Important Dates:

Special Session proposals December 7, 2012
Paper submissions February 15, 2013
Tutorial proposals February 22, 2013
Notification of acceptance April 8, 2013
Final paper submission April 26, 2013

Wednesday 9 May 2012

CIS Educational Repository New Website

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society is pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved website for the Education Center, which is located at the address: IEEE CIS collaborated with the team of Educational Repository Sub-committee  to provide a more comprehensive source of information and services. Now you can read the latest LECTURES, check out the WEBINARS and COURSES, access important links and much more. 
The website features new types of rich content, inspired by our experience, gathered materials and a great team of people working at IEEE CIS, listed under the CONTRIBUTORS section. Users of this website will find this content in the form of articles, case studies, videos and presentations.

The website will be updated on a regular basis, with recent lectures, courses launches and new content. We are encouraging users to contact us through the website, check out the GAME LAB and follow up our BLOG for latest news. 

Sunday 6 May 2012

The IEEE CIS new website was launched on May 1st, 2012. The new domain is The new website has content-based management system. It has a lot of dynamic contents and automatic feeding capability for conferences and publications. Please take a look at our new website. Have fun!