Saturday 7 September 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 9, September 2013

1. Study of the Convergence Behavior of the Complex Kernel Least Mean Square Algorithm
Author(s): Paul, T.K. ; Ogunfunmi, T.
Pages: 1349-1363

2. Transductive Face Sketch-Photo Synthesis
Author(s): Wang, N. ; Tao, D. ; Gao, X. ; Li, X. ; Li, J.
Pages: 1364-1376

3. Learning Sparse Kernel Classifiers for Multi-Instance Classification
Author(s): Fu, Z. ; Lu, G. ; Ting, K.M. ; Zhang, D.

4. FPGA-Based Distributed Computing Microarchitecture for Complex Physical Dynamics Investigation
Author(s): Borgese, G. ; Pace, C. ; Pantano, P. ; Bilotta, E.
Pages: 1390-1399

5. Neural-Adaptive Control of Single-Master–Multiple-Slaves Teleoperation for Coordinated Multiple Mobile Manipulators With Time-Varying Communication Delays and Input Uncertainties
Author(s): Li, Z. ; Su, C.-Y.
Pages: 1400-1413

6. Cube Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (CKSOM) Model With New Equations in Organizing Unstructured Data
Author(s): Lim, S.P. ; Haron, H.
Pages: 1414-1424

7. Real-Time Model Predictive Control Using a Self-Organizing Neural Network
Author(s): Han, H.-G. ; Wu, X.-L. ; Qiao, J.-F.
Pages: 1425-1436

8. Memory Models of Adaptive Behavior
Author(s): Traversa, F.L. ; Pershin, Y.V. ; Di Ventra, M.
Pages: 1437-1448

9. Model of an Excitatory Synapse Based on Stochastic Processes
Author(s): L'Esperance, P.-Y. ; Labib, R.
Pages: 1449-1458

10. Combined Convex Technique on Delay-Dependent Stability for Delayed Neural Networks
Author(s): Li, T. ; Wang, T. ; Song, A. ; Fei, S.
Pages: 1459-1465

11. Low-Temperature Fabrication of Spiking Soma Circuits Using Nanocrystalline-Silicon TFTs
Author(s): Subramaniam, A. ; Cantley, K.D. ; Stiegler, H.J. ; Chapman, R.A. ; Vogel, E.M.
Pages: 1466-1471

12. Effect of Input Noise and Output Node Stochastic on Wang's kWTA
Author(s): Sum, J. ; Leung, C.-S. ; Ho, K.
Pages: 1472-1477

13. Controllability and Observability of Boolean Control Networks With Time-Variant Delays in States
Author(s): Zhang, L. ; Zhang, K.
Pages: 1478-1483

14. Quantized Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithm
Author(s): Chen, B. ; Zhao, S. ; Zhu, P. ; Principe, J.C.
Pages: 1484-1490

15. On the Optimal Class Representation in Linear Discriminant Analysis
Author(s): Iosifidis, A. ; Tefas, A. ; Pitas, I.
Pages: 1491-1496

16. L\infty Analysis and State-Feedback Control of Hopfield Networks
Author(s): Stoica, A.-M. ; Yaesh, I.
Pages: 1497-1502

17. Sequential Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures Using a Novel Deflation Scheme
Author(s): Zhang, M. ; Yu, S. ; Wei, G.
Pages: 1503-1509

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Webinar: So you want to be an Academic? Some Tips and Tricks

Professor Bob John of University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, will give a live webinar to our IEEE CIS members and friends. The information of the webinar is shown below: 

Webinar arrangement 

So you want to be an Academic? Some Tips and Tricks 

Date and time:      
2:00 PM, Oct 23, 2013, BST  (London Time)
9:00 AM, Oct 23, 2013, EDT  (New York Time)
9:00 PM, Oct 23, 2013, HKT  (Hong Kong Time) 

Webinar ID: 


The webinar is free-of-charge. We only have limited seats. First come first served.

Please register for "So you want to be an Academic? Some Tips and Tricks" on Oct 23, 2013 2:00 PM BST at: 

Webinar information

Professor Bob John, Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning Group (ASAP), University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 

This webinar will be given by Bob John who has led two highly successful computational intelligence research groups ( and for more than 12 years. He will give his personal views, based on his experiences, of what's needed to become an academic. Although based in the United Kingdom the points he makes will broadly translate to other countries. He will discuss your best strategies for producing publications, the role of networking, looking for funding and generally how to get on the academic career ladder. 

Speaker's Biography:
Bob has a BSc Mathematics, a MSc in Statistics and a PhD in Fuzzy Logic. He worked in industry for 10 years as a mathematician and knowledge engineer developing knowledge based systems for British Gas and the financial services industry. Bob spent 24 years at De Montfort University in various roles including Head of Department, Head of School and Deputy Dean. He led the Centre for Computational Intelligence research group from 2001 until 2012. He has over 150 research publications of which about 50 are in international journals. Bob joined the University of Nottingham this year where he heads up the Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning (ASAP) research group in the School of Computer Science. The ASAP research group carries out multi-disciplinary research into mathematical models and algorithms for a variety of real-world optimisation problems. ASAP has 8 academic staff, 9 researchers and over 30 PhD students.

Only limited seats are available. Please register as soon as possible. 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.