Wednesday 4 February 2015

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 23, Number 1, February 2015

1. Guest Editorial Web-Based Intelligent Support Systems—Preface to the Special Section
Author(s): Pedrycz, W.; Lu, J.
Page(s): 1-2

2. Web-Based Medical Decision Support Systems for Three-Way Medical Decision Making With Game-Theoretic Rough Sets
Author(s): Yao, J.; Azam, N.
Page(s): 3-15

3. A Web-based Decision Support Center for Electrical Energy Companies
Author(s): Kokshenev, I.; Parreiras, R.O.; Ekel, P.Y.; Alves, G.B.; Menicucci, S.V.
Page(s): 16 - 28

4. A Fuzzy Preference Tree-Based Recommender System for Personalized Business-to-Business E-Services
Author(s): Wu, D.; Zhang, G.; Lu, J.
Page(s): 29-43

5. Linguistic Descriptions for Automatic Generation of Textual Short-Term Weather Forecasts on Real Prediction Data
Author(s): Ramos-Soto, A.; Bugarin, A.J.; Barro, S.; Taboada, J.
Page(s): 44-57

6. An Improved Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Controller of an Uncertain PMSM for Web-Based E-Service Systems
Author(s): Zhou, C.; Quach, D.; Xiong, N.; Huang, S.; Zhang, Q.; Yin, Q.; Vasilakos, A.V.
Page(s): 58-71

7. Online Comment-Based Hotel Quality Automatic Assessment Using Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Fuzzy Cognitive Map
Author(s): Wei, X.; Luo, X.; Li, Q.; Zhang, J.; Xu, Z.
Page(s): 72-84

8. Observer-Biased Fuzzy Clustering
Author(s): Fazendeiro, P.; de Oliveira, J.V.
Page(s): 85-97

9. Theory of Generalized Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems
Author(s): Nie, M.; Tan, W.W.
Page(s): 98-110

10. Fuzzy Rating Scale-Based Questionnaires and Their Statistical Analysis
Author(s): de la Rosa de Saa, S.; Gil, M.A.; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, G.; Lopez, M.T.; Lubiano, M.A.
Page(s): 111-126

11. Cauchy-Like Functional Equation Based on Continuous T-Conorms and Representable Uninorms
Author(s): Qin, F.
Page(s): 127-138

12. Fault Detection and Isolation for a Class of Uncertain State-Feedback Fuzzy Control Systems
Author(s): Yang, G.-H.; Wang, H.
Page(s): 139-151

13. Leader-Based Optimal Coordination Control for the Consensus Problem of Multiagent Differential Games via Fuzzy Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Zhang, H.; Zhang, J.; Yang, G.-H.; Luo, Y.
Page(s): 152-163

14. Fuzzy Logic for Adaptive Instruction in an E-learning Environment for Computer Programming
Author(s): Chrysafiadi, K.; Virvou, M.
Page(s): 164 - 177

15. Supervisory Control of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems for Simulation Equivalence
Author(s): Deng, W.; Qiu, D.
Page(s): 178-192

16. Adaptive Tracking Control for A Class of Nonlinear Systems With a Fuzzy Dead-Zone Input
Author(s): Liu, Z.; Wang, F.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, X.; Chen, C.L.P.
Page(s): 193-204

17. Adaptive Indirect Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Networked Control Systems Subject to Time-Varying Network-Induced Time Delay
Author(s): Khanesar, M.A.; Kaynak, O.; Yin, S.; Gao, H.
Page(s): 205-214

18. Error-Compensated Marginal Linearization Method for Modeling a Fuzzy System
Author(s): Wang, D.-G.; Chen, C.L.P.; Song, W.-Y.; Li, H.-X.
Page(s): 215-222

19. A Novel Observer-Based Output Feedback Controller Design for Discrete-Time Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Zhang, J.; Shi, P.; Qiu, J.; Nguang, S.K.
Page(s): 223-229

20. Comments on "Exact Output Regulation for Nonlinear Systems Described by Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models"
Author(s): Robles, R.; Bernal, M.
Page(s): 230-233

Tuesday 3 February 2015

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 26, Issue 2, February 2015

1. Targeting Accurate Object Extraction From an Image: A Comprehensive Study of Natural Image Matting
Author(s): Qingsong Zhu; Ling Shao; Xuelong Li; Lei Wang
Page(s): 185 - 207

2. Kernel Association for Classification and Prediction: A Survey
Author(s): Yuichi Motai
Page(s): 208 - 223

3. Modified Neural Dynamic Surface Approach to Output Feedback of MIMO Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Guofa Sun; Dongwu Li; Xuemei Ren
Page(s): 224 - 236

4. Efficient $l_{1}$-Norm-Based Low-Rank Matrix Approximations for Large-Scale Problems Using Alternating Rectified Gradient Method
Author(s): Eunwoo Kim; Minsik Lee; Chong-Ho Choi; Nojun Kwak; Songhwai Oh
Page(s): 237 - 251

5. Semisupervised Feature Selection via Spline Regression for Video Semantic Recognition Constraints
Author(s): Yahong Han; Yi Yang; Yan Yan; Zhigang Ma; Nicu Sebe; Xiaofang Zhou
Page(s): 252 - 264

6. A Scalable Projective Scaling Algorithm for $l_{p}$ Loss With Convex Penalizations
Author(s): Hongbo Zhou; Qiang Cheng
Page(s): 265 - 276

7. Scatter Balance: An Angle-Based Supervised Dimensionality Reduction
Author(s): Shenglan Liu; Lin Feng; Hong Qiao
Page(s): 277 - 289

8. Consensus in Continuous-Time Multiagent Systems Under Discontinuous Nonlinear Protocols
Author(s): Bo Liu; Wenlian Lu; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 290 - 301

9. Backstepping Fuzzy-Neural-Network Control Design for Hybrid Maglev Transportation System
Author(s): Rong-Jong Wai; Jing-Xiang Yao; Jeng-Dao Lee
Page(s): 302 - 317

10. Adaptive Hidden Markov Model With Anomaly States for Price Manipulation Detection
Author(s): Yi Cao; Yuhua Li; Sonya Coleman; Ammar Belatreche; Thomas Martin McGinnity
Page(s): 318 - 330

11. Consensus-Based Distributed Cooperative Learning From Closed-Loop Neural Control Systems
Author(s): Weisheng Chen; Shaoyong Hua; Huaguang Zhang
Page(s): 331 - 345

12. MEC—A Near-Optimal Online Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Continuous Deterministic Systems
Author(s): Dongbin Zhao; Yuanheng Zhu
Page(s): 346 - 356

13. Passivity of Switched Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Jie Lian; Jun Wang
Page(s): 357 - 366

14. A Parametric Classification Rule Based on the Exponentially Embedded Family
Author(s): Bo Tang; Haibo He; Quan Ding; Steven Kay
Page(s): 367 - 377

15. VC-Dimension of Univariate Decision Trees
Author(s): Olcay Taner Yildiz
Page(s): 378 - 387

16. Delay-Based Reservoir Computing: Noise Effects in a Combined Analog and Digital Implementation
Author(s): Miguel C. Soriano; Silvia Ortin; Lars Keuninckx; Lennert Appeltant; Jan Danckaert; Luis Pesquera; Guy Van der Sande
Page(s): 388 - 393

17. Non-Divergence of Stochastic Discrete Time Algorithms for PCA Neural Networks
Author(s): Jian Cheng Lv; Zhang Yi; Yunxia Li
Page(s): 394 - 399

18. Asymmetric Mixture Model With Simultaneous Feature Selection and Model Detection
Author(s): Thanh Minh Nguyen; Q. M. Jonathan Wu; Hui Zhang
Page(s): 400 - 408

19. Optimal Codesign of Nonlinear Control Systems Based on a Modified Policy Iteration Method
Author(s): Yu Jiang; Yebin Wang; Scott A. Bortoff; Zhong-Ping Jiang
Page(s): 409 - 414