Wednesday 27 August 2014

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 25, Number 9, September 2014


1. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Complex- and Hypercomplex-Valued Neural Networks
Author(s): A. Hirose, I. Aizenberg, and D. P. Mandic
Page(s): 1597-1599


2. Complex-Valued Recurrent Correlation Neural Networks
Author(s): M. E. Valle
Page(s): 1600-1612

3. The Field of Values of a Matrix and Neural Networks
Author(s): G. M. Georgiou
Page(s): 1613-1620

4. Different Complex ZFs Leading to Different Complex ZNN Models for Time-Varying Complex Generalized Inverse Matrices
Author(s): B. Liao and Y. Zhang
Page(s): 1621-1631

5. MLMVN With Soft Margins Learning
Author(s): I. Aizenberg
Page(s): 1632-1644

6. Modified Multivalued Neuron With Periodic Tolerant Activation Function
Author(s): J.-P. Chen and S.-J. Lee
Page(s): 1645-1658

7. A Metacognitive Complex-Valued Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System
Author(s): K. Subramanian, R. Savitha, and S. Suresh
Page(s): 1659-1672

8. Complex-Valued B-Spline Neural Networks for Modeling and Inverting Hammerstein Systems
Author(s): S. Chen, X. Hong, J. Gao, and C. J. Harris
Page(s): 1673-1685

9. Fading Channel Prediction Based on Combination of Complex-Valued Neural Networks and Chirp Z-Transform
Author(s): T. Ding and A. Hirose
Page(s): 1686-1695

10. On the Correction of Anomalous Phase Oscillation in Entanglement Witnesses Using Quantum Neural Networks
Author(s): E. C. Behrman, R. E. F. Bonde, J. E. Steck, and J. F. Behrman
Page(s): 1696-1703


11. Global Stability Criterion for Delayed Complex-Valued Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Z. Zhang, C. Lin, and B. Chen
Page(s): 1704-1708

12. Further Investigate the Stability of Complex-Valued Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Delays
Author(s): T. Fang and J. Sun
Page(s): 1709-1713

13. Threshold Complex-Valued Neural Associative Memory
Author(s): P. Zheng
Page(s): 1714-1718

14. Principal Component Analysis With Complex Kernel: The Widely Linear Model
Author(s): A. Papaioannou and S. Zafeiriou
Page(s): 1719-1726

15. Ultrawideband Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Using Complex-Valued Spatiotemporal Neural Networks
Author(s): K. Terabayashi, R. Natsuaki, and A. Hirose
Page(s): 1727-1732

16. Adaptive Dynamic Programming for a Class of Complex-Valued Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): R. Song, W. Xiao, H. Zhang, and C. Sun
Page(s): 1733

Monday 4 August 2014

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 18, Number 4, August 2014

1. Reusing Building Blocks of Extracted Knowledge to Solve Complex, Large-Scale Boolean Problems
Author(s): M. Iqbal, W. N. Browne, and M. Zhang
Pages: 465-480

2. Quick Hypervolume
Author(s): L. M. S. Russo and A. P. Francisco
Pages: 481-502

3. Ant Colony Optimization for Mixed-Variable Optimization Problems
Author(s): T. Liao, K. Socha, M. A. Montes de Oca, T. Stutzle, and M. Dorigo
Pages: 503-518

4. Multiobjective Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Based on Joint Modeling of Objectives and Variables
Author(s): H. Karshenas, R. Santana, C. Bielza, and P. Larranaga
Pages: 519-542

5. Evolving an Improved Algorithm for Envelope Reduction Using a Hyper-Heuristic Approach
Author(s): B. Koohestani and R. Poli
Pages: 543-558

6. Evolving Classifiers to Recognize the Movement Characteristics of Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Author(s): M. A. Lones, S. L. Smith, J. E. Alty, S. E. Lacy, K. L. Possin, D. R. S. Jamieson, and A. M. Tyrrell
Pages: 559-576

7. An Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Algorithm Using Reference-Point-Based Nondominated Sorting Approach, Part I: Solving Problems With Box Constraints
Author(s): K. Deb and H. Jain
Pages: 577-601

8. An Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Algorithm Using Reference-Point-Based Nondominated Sorting Approach, Part II: Handling Constraints and Extending to an Adaptive Approach
Author(s): H. Jain and K. Deb
Pages: 602

Friday 1 August 2014

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 22, Number 4, August 2014


1. Design of Fuzzy-Neural-Network-Inherited Backstepping Control for Robot Manipulator Including Actuator Dynamics
Author(s): R.-J.Wai and R.Muthusamy
Pages: 709-722

2. Rule-Based Cooperative Continuous Ant Colony Optimization to Improve the Accuracy of Fuzzy System Design
Author(s): C.-F.Juang, C.-W. Hung, and C.-H. Hsu
Pages: 723-735

3. A Model-Based Fault Detection and Prognostics Scheme for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): B.T. Thumati, M. A. Feinstein, and S. Jagannathan
Pages: 736-748

4. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Author(s):Z. Xu and H. Liao
Pages: 749-761

5. A Semisupervised Multiagent System Model to Support Consensus-Reaching Processes
Author(s): I. Palomares and L. Martinez
Pages: 762-777
6. Context-Dependent Fuzzy Systems With Application to Time-Series Prediction
Author(s): D. T. Ho and J. M. Garibaldi
Pages: 778-790
7. Intelligent Control Using the Wavelet Fuzzy CMAC Backstepping Control System for Two-Axis Linear Piezoelectric Ceramic Motor Drive Systems
Author(s): C.-M. Lin and H.-Y. Li
Pages: 791-802

8. Moment Adaptive Fuzzy Control and Residue Compensation
Author(s): T. Tao and S.-F. Su
Pages: 803-816
9. The Exponential Stability and Asynchronous Stabilization of a Class of Switched Nonlinear System Via the T–S Fuzzy Model
Author(s): Y. Mao, H. Zhang, and S. Xu
Pages: 817-828
10. Cooperative Coevolution for Large-Scale Optimization Based on Kernel Fuzzy Clustering and Variable Trust Region Methods
Author(s): J. Fan, J. Wang, and M. Han
Pages: 829-839
11. The Reduction of Interval Type-2 LR Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): C.-L. Chen, S.-C. Chen, and Y.-H. Kuo
Pages: 840-858

12. From Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Granular Cognitive Maps
Author(s): W. Pedrycz and W. Homenda
Pages: 859-869
13. Robust H8 Control for Stochastic T–S Fuzzy Systems via Integral Sliding-Mode Approach
Author(s): Q. Gao, G. Feng, L. Liu, J. Qiu, and Y. Wang
14. Multicriteria Decision-Making With Imprecise Importance Weights
Author(s): R. R. Yager and N. Alajlan
Pages: 882-891
15. Simulation of Fuzzy Queueing Systems With a Variable Number of Servers, Arrival Rate, and Service Rate
Author(s): E.Munoz and E. H. Ruspini
Pages: 892-903
16. Membership Function Design for Multifactorial Multivariate Data Characterizing and Coding in Human Component System Studies
Author(s): P. Loslever
Pages: 904-918
17. OptiFel: A Convergent Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling
Author(s): N.J. Cheung, X.-M. Ding, and H.-B. Shen
Pages: 919-933
18. The Generalized TP Model Transformation for T–S Fuzzy Model Manipulation and Generalized Stability Verification
Author(s): P. Baranyi
Pages: 934-948
19. Hypermatching: Similarity Matching With Extreme Values
Author(s): R. R. Yager and F. E. Petry
Pages: 949-957
20. Pythagorean Membership Grades in Multicriteria Decision Making
Author(s): R. R. Yager
Pages: 958-965
21. Dual Bipolar Measures of Atanassov’s Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): L.-H. Chen, and C.-C. Tu
Pages: 966-982
22. Generalized Markov Models for Real-Time Modeling of Continuous Systems
Author(s): D. P. Filev and I. Kolmanovsky
Pages: 983-998
23. GT2FC: An Online Growing Interval Type-2 Self-Learning Fuzzy Classifier
Author(s): A. Bouchachia and C. Vanaret
Pages: 999-1018


24. Fuzzy-Model-Based D-Stability and Nonfragile Control for Discrete-Time Descriptor Systems With Multiple Delays
Author(s): F. Li, P. Shi, L. Wu, and X. Zhang
Pages: 1019-1025
25. Further Studies on Control Synthesis of Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Systems via Useful Matrix Equalities
Author(s): X. Xie, D. Yue, and X. Zhu
Pages: 1026-1030
26. Stability Analysis of Positive Interval Type-2 TSK Systems With Application to Energy Markets
Author(s): M.S.  Fadali and S. Jafarzadeh
Pages: 1031-1038
27. Orness Measure of OWA Operators: A New Approach
Author(s): A. Kishor, A. K. Singh, and N. R. Pal
Pages: 1039-1044
28. A Characterization of the Orthogonal Grid Constructions of Copulas
Author(s): J. F. Sanchez and M. Ubeda-Flores
Pages: 1045