Sunday 24 February 2013

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Volume 21 Issue 1

A Vectorization-Optimization-Method-Based Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Network for Noisy Data Classification
Authors: Wu, G.-D.; Huang, P.-H.
Page(s): 1 - 15

Petri Net Representation of Switched Fuzzy Systems
Authors: Ding, Z.; Ma, J.; Kandel, A.
Page(s): 16 - 29

A New Gradient Descent Approach for Local Learning of Fuzzy Neural Models
Authors: Zhao, W.; Li, K.; Irwin, G. W.
Page(s): 30 - 44

A Review of the Application of Multiobjective Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems: Current Status and Further Directions
Authors: Fazzolari, M.; Alcala, R.; Nojima, Y.; Ishibuchi, H.; Herrera, F.
Page(s): 45 - 65

A Review of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Research During the Last Decade
Authors: Papageorgiou, E. I.; Salmeron, J. L.
Page(s): 66 - 79

Approaches for Reducing the Computational Cost of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems: Overview and Comparisons
Authors: Wu, D.
Page(s): 80 - 99

Evolutionary Robot Wall-Following Control Using Type-2 Fuzzy Controller With Species-DE-Activated Continuous ACO
Authors: Hsu, C.-H.; Juang, C.-F.
Page(s): 100 - 112

Preference Relations Based on Intuitionistic Multiplicative Information
Authors: Xia, M.; Xu, Z.; Liao, H.
Page(s): 113 - 133

Adaptive Fuzzy Output Feedback Control of MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Dead-Zone Inputs
Authors: Tong, S.; Li, Y.
Page(s): 134 - 146

Control Synthesis of Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Systems Based on a Novel Non-PDC Control Scheme
Authors: Xie, X.; Ma, H.; Zhao, Y.; Ding, D-.W.; Wang, Y.
Page(s): 147 - 157

Robust Observer Design for Unknown Inputs Takagi–Sugeno Models
Authors: Chadli, M.; Karimi, H. R.
Page(s): 158 - 164

To Transmit or Not to Transmit: A Discrete Event-Triggered Communication Scheme for Networked Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Authors: Peng, C.; Han, Q.-L.; Yue, D.
Page(s): 164 - 170

Fuzzy Nash Equilibriums in Crisp and Fuzzy Games
Authors: Chakeri, A.; Sheikholeslam, F.
Page(s): 171 - 176

A Three-Domain Fuzzy Wavelet System for Simultaneous Processing of Time-Frequency Information and Fuzziness
Authors: Liu, Z.; Chen, C. L. P.; Zhang, Y.; Li, H.-X.; Wang, Y.
Page(s): 176 - 183

A Fuzzy Measure Similarity Between Sets of Linguistic Summaries
Authors: Wilbik, A.; Keller, J. M.
Page(s): 183 - 189

Thursday 21 February 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 3, March 2013

1. Dissipativity Analysis for Discrete-Time Stochastic Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Authors: Zheng-Guang Wu; Peng Shi; Hongye Su; Jian Chu
Page(s): 345 - 355

2. Model-Based Online Learning With Kernels
Authors: Guoqi Li; Changyun Wen; Zheng Guo Li; Aimin Zhang; Feng Yang; Kezhi Mao
Page(s): 356 - 369

3. Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Pure-Feedback Systems With High-Order Sliding Mode Observer
Authors: Jing Na; Xuemei Ren; Dongdong Zheng
Page(s): 370 - 382

4. Low-Rank Structure Learning via Nonconvex Heuristic Recovery
Authors: Yue Deng; Qionghai Dai; Risheng Liu; Zengke Zhang; Sanqing Hu
Page(s): 383 - 396

5. Synaptic Variability in a Cortical Neuromorphic Circuit
Authors: Mohammad Mahvash; Alice C. Parker
Page(s): 397 - 409

6. Sampled-Data Synchronization of Chaotic Lur'e Systems With Time Delays
Authors: Zheng-Guang Wu; Peng Shi; Hongye Su; Jian Chu
Page(s): 410 - 421

7. Multiplicative Update Rules for Concurrent Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Maximum Margin Classification
Authors: Olga Zoidi; Anastasios Tefas; Ioannis Pitas
Page(s): 422 - 434

8. Distributed Synchronization of Coupled Neural Networks via Randomly Occurring Control
Authors: Yang Tan; Wai Keung Wong
Page(s): 435 - 447

9. Portfolio of Automated Trading Systems: Complexity and Learning Set Size Issues
Authors: Sarunas Raudys
Page(s): 448 - 459

10. Regularized Mixture Density Estimation With an Analytical Setting of Shrinkage Intensities
Authors: Zohar Halbe; Maria Bortman; Mayer Aladjem
Page(s): 460 - 470

11. Stochastic Optimal Controller Design for Uncertain Nonlinear Networked Control System via Neuro Dynamic Programming
Authors: Hao Xu; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Page(s): 471 - 484

12. Simple Exponential Family PCA
Authors: Jun Li; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 485 - 497

13. Dynamics Analysis of a Population Decoding Model
Authors: Jiali Yu; Huajin Tang; Haizhou Li
Page(s): 498 - 503

14. Learning With Kernel Smoothing Models and Low-Discrepancy Sampling
Authors: Cristiano Cervellera; Danilo Macciò
Page(s): 504 - 509