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IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation; Volume 25, Number 4, August 2021

 1) A Survey of Evolutionary Continuous Dynamic Optimization Over Two Decades—Part A
Author(s): Danial Yazdani; Ran Cheng; Donya Yazdani; Jürgen Branke; Yaochu Jin; Xin Yao
Pages: 609-629

Author(s): Danial Yazdani; Ran Cheng; Donya Yazdani; Jürgen Branke; Yaochu Jin; Xin Yao 
Pages: 630-650

Author(s): Fangfang Zhang; Yi Mei; Su Nguyen; Mengjie Zhang; Kay Chen Tan
Pages: 651-665

Author(s): Jianyong Sun; Xin Liu; Thomas Bäck; Zongben Xu
Pages: 666-680

Author(s): Jesús Guillermo Falcón-Cardona; Hisao Ishibuchi; Carlos A. Coello Coello; Michael Emmerich
Pages: 681-695

Author(s): Weijie Zheng; Huanhuan Chen; Xin Yao 
Pages: 696-709

Author(s): Jiajun Zhou; Liang Gao; Xinyu Li
Pages: 710-723

Author(s): Shufen Qin; Chaoli Sun; Yaochu Jin; Ying Tan; Jonathan Fieldsend
Pages: 724-738

Author(s): Mengjun Ming; Anupam Trivedi; Rui Wang; Dipti Srinivasan; Tao Zhang
Pages: 739-753

Author(s): Kai Zhang; Chaonan Shen; Gary G. Yen; Zhiwei Xu; Juanjuan He
Pages: 754-768
Author(s): Genghui Li; Qingfu Zhang
Pages: 769-778

Author(s): Jun-Rong Jian; Zong-Gan Chen; Zhi-Hui Zhan; Jun Zhang
Pages: 779-793
Author(s): Xinfang Ji; Yong Zhang; Dunwei Gong; Xiaoyan Sun
Pages: 794-808


IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Special Issues

Current Special Issues: IEEE TEVC Special Issue on "Benchmarking Sampling-Based Optimization Heuristics: Methodology and Software," Guest Editors: Thomas Bäck, Leiden University, The Netherlands; Carola Doerr, CNRS researcher at LIP6, Sorbonne Université, France; Bernhard Sendhoff, Honda Research Institute Japan Co.; Thomas Stützle, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium. Submission Deadline: September 15, 2021.

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS): Volume 32, Issue 8, August 2021.

Author(s): Xiaofeng Yuan; Chen Ou; Yalin Wang; Chunhua Yang; Weihua Gui
Pages: 3296 - 3305

Author(s): Liangjun Feng; Chunhui Zhao; Youxian Sun
Pages: 3306 - 3317

Author(s): Xiaolong Wu; Honggui Han; Junfei Qiao
Pages: 3318 - 3329

Author(s): Le Yao; Weiming Shao; Zhiqiang Ge
Pages: 3330 - 3341

Author(s): Zhenyi Xu; Yu Kang; Yang Cao; Zhijun Li
Pages: 3342 - 3354

Author(s): Qingchao Jiang; Shifu Yan; Hui Cheng; Xuefeng Yan
Pages: 3355 - 3365

Author(s): Yu Zhang; Wenli Du
Pages: 3366 - 3376

Author(s): Lele Ma; Xiangjie Liu; Xiaobing Kong; Kwang Y. Lee
Pages: 3377 - 3390

Author(s): Qian Cui; Yujuan Wang; Yongduan Song
Pages: 3391 - 3400

Author(s): Shunjie Dong; Qianqian Yang; Yu Fu; Mei Tian; Cheng Zhuo
Pages: 3401 - 3411

Author(s): Ying Li; Lingfei Ma; Zilong Zhong; Fei Liu; Michael A. Chapman; Dongpu Cao; Jonathan Li
Pages: 3412 - 3432

Author(s): Xiao-Yang Liu; Xiaodong Wang
Pages: 3433 - 3443

Author(s): Anis Yazidi; Ismail Hassan; Hugo L. Hammer; B. John Oommen
Pages: 3444 - 3457

Author(s): Nan Lai; Meina Kan; Chunrui Han; Xingguang Song; Shiguang Shan
Pages: 3458 - 3470

Author(s): Serafeim Perdikis; Robert Leeb; Ricardo Chavarriaga; José del R. Millán
Pages: 3471 - 3483

Author(s): Boyue Wang; Yongli Hu; Junbin Gao; Yanfeng Sun; Fujiao Ju; Baocai Yin
Pages: 3484 - 3497

Author(s): Pengfei Wei; Ramon Sagarna; Yiping Ke; Yew-Soon Ong
Pages: 3498 - 3509

Author(s): José de Jesús Rubio
Pages: 3510 - 3524

Author(s): Sou Nobukawa; Haruhiko Nishimura; Nobuhiko Wagatsuma; Satoshi Ando; Teruya Yamanishi
Pages: 3525 - 3537

Author(s): Qi Tan; Yang Liu; Jiming Liu
Pages: 3538 - 3552

Author(s): Di Zhao; Zidong Wang; Guoliang Wei; Xiaohui Liu
Pages: 3553 - 3565

Author(s): Matteo Avolio; Antonio Fuduli
Pages: 3566 - 3577

Author(s): Changyin Sun; Xiaofeng Li; Yuewen Sun
Pages: 3578 - 3587

Author(s): Maxime Gabella
Pages: 3588 - 3592

Author(s): Yifan Shi; Zhiwen Yu; Wenming Cao; C. L. Philip Chen; Hau-San Wong; Guoqiang Han
Pages: 3593 - 3607

Author(s): Yi Lin; Dongyue Guo; Jianwei Zhang; Zhengmao Chen; Bo Yang
Pages: 3608 - 3620

Author(s): Ji-Dong Liu; Ben Niu; Yong-Gui Kao; Ping Zhao; Dong Yang
Pages: 3621 - 3632

Author(s): Jinghang Li; Mengqi Hu
Pages: 3633 - 3642

Author(s): Gongming Wang; Qing-Shan Jia; Junfei Qiao; Jing Bi; MengChu Zhou
Pages: 3643 - 3652

Author(s): Zhitao Wang; Yu Lei; Wenjie Li
Pages: 3653 - 3663

Author(s): Ye-Tao Wang; Xi-Le Zhao; Tai-Xiang Jiang; Liang-Jian Deng; Yi Chang; Ting-Zhu Huang
Pages: 3664 - 3676

Author(s): Bin Gu; Xiang Geng; Xiang Li; Wanli Shi; Guansheng Zheng; Cheng Deng; Heng Huang
Pages: 3677 - 3689

Author(s): Yin Sheng; Tingwen Huang; Zhigang Zeng; Xiangshui Miao
Pages: 3690 - 3699

Author(s): Jianying Xiao; Jinde Cao; Jun Cheng; Shiping Wen; Ruimei Zhang; Shouming Zhong
Pages: 3700 - 3709

Author(s): Felix Sattler; Klaus-Robert Müller; Wojciech Samek
Pages: 3710 - 3722

Author(s): Ruimei Zhang; Deqiang Zeng; Ju H. Park; Yajuan Liu; Xiangpeng Xie
Pages: 3723 - 3735

Author(s): Janusz A. Starzyk; Marek Jaszuk; Łukasz Maciura; Adrian Horzyk
Pages: 3736 - 3747

Author(s): Jiuwen Cao; Haozhen Dai; Baiying Lei; Chun Yin; Huanqiang Zeng; Anton Kummert
Pages: 3748 - 3754

Author(s): Heng Lian
Pages: 3755 - 3760

Author(s): Yangyang Xu; Chu Han; Jing Qin; Xuemiao Xu; Guoqiang Han; Shengfeng He
Pages: 3761 - 3769

Author(s): Tianlei Wang; Jiuwen Cao; Xiaoping Lai; Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 3770 - 3776

Author(s): Denis Kleyko; Mansour Kheffache; E. Paxon Frady; Urban Wiklund; Evgeny Osipov
Pages: 3777 - 3783

Monday 2 August 2021

Call for Nominations / Applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Games

Call for Nominations / Applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Games The IEEE Transactions on Games (ToG) publishes original high-quality articles covering scientific, technical, and engineering aspects of games. Details about the current state of this publication can be found at: The IEEE CIS Executive Committee has formed an Adhoc Search Committee to invite nominations/applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief for ToG. The Editor-in-Chief appointment is for a 2-year term starting 1 January 2022. Nominees/applicants should be dedicated volunteers with outstanding research profiles and extensive editorial experience. The nomination/application package should include complete CV along with a separate description (max 300 words/topic) on each of the following items: Vision Statement; Editorial Experience; Summary of publishing experience in IEEE journals/magazines; IEEE Volunteer Experience; Institutional Support; Current service and administrative commitments; Networking with the Community; Challenges, if any, faced by the publication, and how to deal with them; Why the candidate considers himself/herself fit for this position? The nomination/application package should be sent as a single PDF file through email to both Prof. Kay Chen Tan ( and Jo-Ellen Snyder ( by August 20, 2021.