Thursday 26 March 2020

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems Vol.12, No.1, March 2020

1. A Furcated Visual Collision Avoidance System for an Autonomous Microrobot
Author(s): H. Isakhani, N. Aouf, O. Kechagias-Stamatis and J. F. Whidborne
Pages: 1-11

2. Can the Evidence for Explanatory Reasoning Be Explained Away?
Author(s): I. Douven
Pages: 12-17

3. Cooperative Manipulation for a Mobile Dual-Arm Robot Using Sequences of Dynamic Movement Primitives
Author(s): T. Zhao, M. Deng, Z. Li and Y. Hu
Pages: 18-29

4. Abnormal Event Detection From Videos Using a Two-Stream Recurrent Variational Autoencoder
Author(s): S. Yan, J. S. Smith, W. Lu and B. Zhang
Pages: 30-42

5. Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation Trainer Improves Balance Function in Stroke Survivors
Author(s): J. Ji, T. Song, S. Guo, F. Xi and H. Wu
Pages: 43-53

6. DeepFeat: A Bottom-Up and Top-Down Saliency Model Based on Deep Features of Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): A. Mahdi, J. Qin and G. Crosby
Pages: 54-63

7. Selective Perception as a Mechanism to Adapt Agents to the Environment: An Evolutionary Approach
Author(s): M. Ramicic and A. Bonarini
Pages: 64-72

8. Zero-Shot Classification Based on Multitask Mixed Attribute Relations and Attribute-Specific Features
Author(s): P. Gong, X. Wang, Y. Cheng, Z. J. Wang and Q. Yu
Pages: 73-83

9. Semantic Relational Object Tracking
Author(s): A. Persson, P. Zuidberg Dos Martires, L. De Raedt and A. Loutfi
Pages: 84-97

10. Memory Mechanisms for Discriminative Visual Tracking Algorithms With Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): L. Wang, L. Zhang, J. Wang and Z. Yi
Pages: 98-108

11. Usage-Based Learning in Human Interaction With an Adaptive Virtual Assistant
Author(s): C. Delgrange, J. Dussoux and P. F. Dominey
Pages: 109-123

12. A Brain-Inspired Visual Fear Responses Model for UAV Emergent Obstacle Dodging
Author(s): F. Zhao, Q. Kong, Y. Zeng and B. Xu
Pages: 124-132

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Vol.11, No.4, Dec. 2019

1. Evaluation of Internal Models in Autonomous Learning
Author(s): S. C. Smith and J. M. Herrmann
Pages: 463-472

2. Anomalous Behaviors Detection in Moving Crowds Based on a Weighted Convolutional Autoencoder-Long Short-Term Memory Network
Author(s): B. Yang, J. Cao, N. Wang and X. Liu
Pages: 473-482

3. A Workload Balanced Algorithm for Task Assignment and Path Planning of Inhomogeneous Autonomous Underwater Vehicle System
Author(s): M. Chen and D. Zhu
Pages: 483-493

4. Symbol Emergence in Cognitive Developmental Systems: A Survey
Author(s): T. Taniguchi et al.
Pages: 494-516

5. Electroencephalogram Emotion Recognition Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Optimal Feature Selection
Author(s): Z. Liu, Q. Xie, M. Wu, W. Cao, D. Li and S. Li
Pages: 517-526

6. Brain Teleoperation Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Using Quadrupole Potential Function
Author(s): W. Yuan and Z. Li
Pages: 527-538

7. Semi-Supervised Learning Based on GAN With Mean and Variance Feature Matching
Author(s): C. Hu, X. Wu and J. Kittler
Pages: 539-547

8. Optimal Control of Eye Movements During Visual Search
Author(s): A. Vasilyev
Pages: 548-559

9. Automatic Pupillary Light Reflex Detection in Eyewear Computing
Author(s): H. K. Wong, J. Epps and S. Chen
Pages: 560-572

10. Multitask Learning for Object Localization With Deep Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Y. Wang, L. Zhang, L. Wang and Z. Wang
Pages: 573-580

11. Project R-CASTLE: Robotic-Cognitive Adaptive System for Teaching and Learning
Author(s): D. Tozadore et al.
Pages: 581-589

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Call for IEEE TNNLS Outstanding Paper Award Nomination

We are accepting nominations for the IEEE TNNLS Outstanding Paper Award, a prestigious award in recognizing outstanding papers published in TNNLS. Here are the important information:
  1. For the current round of competition, any paper published in 2018 (Volume 29) of TNNLS is eligible for consideration.
  2. The nomination deadline is April 30, 2020 (strict deadline).
  3. The complete nomination packet must include the following information: Nominator, Full Citation of the Nominated Paper (including author names, paper title, publication volume, issue, and page numbers), Basis for Nomination, up to 3 Reference Letters, and a copy of the nominated paper.
  4. The complete nomination package should be submitted in a single PDF file by email to the Awards Soliciting Nominations Subcommittee Chair, Prof. Sanaz Mostaghim at and a copy to and
The nomination cannot be considered complete until the submitted package is acknowledged by the Chair of the Awards Soliciting Nominations Subcommittee.

For further details of this award, see:

Sunday 1 March 2020

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 31, Issue 3, March 2020.

1. Heterogeneous Multilayer Generalized Operational Perceptron
Author(s): Dat Thanh Tran; Serkan Kiranyaz; Moncef Gabbouj; Alexandros Iosifidis
Pages: 710 - 724

2. LABIN: Balanced Min Cut for Large-Scale Data
Author(s): Xiaojun Chen; Renjie Chen; Qingyao Wu; Yixiang Fang; Feiping Nie; Joshua Zhexue Huang
Pages: 725 - 736

3. Adaptive Deep Modeling of Users and Items Using Side Information for Recommendation
Author(s): Jiayu Han; Lei Zheng; Yuanbo Xu; Bangzuo Zhang; Fuzhen Zhuang; Philip S. Yu; Wanli Zuo
Pages: 737 - 748

4. Exactly Robust Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Author(s): Jicong Fan; Tommy W. S. Chow
Pages: 749 - 761

5. Distributed Dissipative State Estimation for Markov Jump Genetic Regulatory Networks Subject to Round-Robin Scheduling
Author(s): Hao Shen; Shicheng Huo; Huaicheng Yan; Ju H. Park; Victor Sreeram
Pages: 762 - 771

6. Compact and Computationally Efficient Representation of Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): Simon Wiedemann; Klaus-Robert Müller; Wojciech Samek
Pages: 772 - 785

7. Discriminative Fisher Embedding Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Object Recognition
Author(s): Zhengming Li; Zheng Zhang; Jie Qin; Zhao Zhang; Ling Shao
Pages: 786 - 800

8. Stability-Based Generalization Analysis of Distributed Learning Algorithms for Big Data
Author(s): Xinxing Wu; Junping Zhang; Fei-Yue Wang
Pages: 801 - 812

9. Recurrent Neural Networks With External Addressable Long-Term and Working Memory for Learning Long-Term Dependences
Author(s): Zhibin Quan; Weili Zeng; Xuelian Li; Yandong Liu; Yunxiu Yu; Wankou Yang
Pages: 813 - 826

10. Log-Sum-Exp Neural Networks and Posynomial Models for Convex and Log-Log-Convex Data
Author(s): Giuseppe C. Calafiore; Stephane Gaubert; Corrado Possieri
Pages: 827 - 838

11. A Robust Visual System for Small Target Motion Detection Against Cluttered Moving Backgrounds
Author(s): Hongxin Wang; Jigen Peng; Xuqiang Zheng; Shigang Yue
Pages: 839 - 853

12. Trajectory Tracking on Uncertain Complex Networks via NN-Based Inverse Optimal Pinning Control
Author(s): Carlos J. Vega; Oscar J. Suarez; Edgar N. Sanchez; Guanrong Chen; Santiago Elvira-Ceja; David I. Rodriguez
Pages: 854 - 864

13. Nonsynaptic Error Backpropagation in Long-Term Cognitive Networks
Author(s): Gonzalo Nápoles; Frank Vanhoenshoven; Rafael Falcon; Koen Vanhoof
Pages: 865 - 875

14. Bipartite Differential Neural Network for Unsupervised Image Change Detection
Author(s): Jia Liu; Maoguo Gong; A. K. Qin; Kay Chen Tan
Pages: 876 - 890

15. A Switched Operation Approach to Sampled-Data Control Stabilization of Fuzzy Memristive Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Xin Wang; Ju H. Park; Shouming Zhong; Huilan Yang
Pages: 891 - 900

16. Neural Network-Based Adaptive Antiswing Control of an Underactuated Ship-Mounted Crane With Roll Motions and Input Dead Zones
Author(s): Tong Yang; Ning Sun; He Chen; Yongchun Fang
Pages: 901 - 914

17. Robust and Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis via an Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Author(s): Chun-Na Li; Yuan-Hai Shao; Wotao Yin; Ming-Zeng Liu
Pages: 915 - 926

18. From Whole to Part: Reference-Based Representation for Clustering Categorical Data
Author(s): Qibin Zheng; Xingchun Diao; Jianjun Cao; Yi Liu; Hongmei Li; Junnan Yao; Chen Chang; Guojun Lv
Pages: 927 - 937

19. Cognitive Action Laws: The Case of Visual Features
Author(s): Alessandro Betti; Marco Gori; Stefano Melacci
Pages: 938 - 949

20. Convolutional Neural Networks as Asymmetric Volterra Models Based on Generalized Orthonormal Basis Functions
Author(s): Jeremias B. Machado; Sidney N. Givigi
Pages: 950 - 959

21. Synchronization of the Networked System With Continuous and Impulsive Hybrid Communications
Author(s): Wen Sun; Junxia Guan; Jinhu Lü; Zhigang Zheng; Xinghuo Yu; Shihua Chen
Pages: 960 - 971

22. Adaptive Neural Output-Feedback Decentralized Control for Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems With Stochastic Disturbances
Author(s): Huanqing Wang; Peter Xiaoping Liu; Jialei Bao; Xue-Jun Xie; Shuai Li
Pages: 972 - 983

23. Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Nonlinear Matrix Factorization
Author(s): Haoliang Li; Sinno Jialin Pan; Shiqi Wang; Alex C. Kot
Pages: 984 - 996

24. Global Stabilization of Fractional-Order Memristor-Based Neural Networks With Time Delay
Author(s): Jia Jia; Xia Huang; Yuxia Li; Jinde Cao; Ahmed Alsaedi
Pages: 997 - 1009

25. Neural Networks-Based Distributed Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
Author(s): Qikun Shen; Peng Shi; Junwu Zhu; Shuoyu Wang; Yan Shi
Pages: 1010 - 1021

26. Constrained Quaternion-Variable Convex Optimization: A Quaternion-Valued Recurrent Neural Network Approach
Author(s): Yang Liu; Yanling Zheng; Jianquan Lu; Jinde Cao; Leszek Rutkowski
Pages: 1022 - 1035

27. Consensus Tracking Control of Switched Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent Systems via Event-Triggered Strategy
Author(s): Wencheng Zou; Peng Shi; Zhengrong Xiang; Yan Shi
Pages: 1036 - 1045

28. The Robustness of Outputs With Respect to Disturbances for Boolean Control Networks
Author(s): Bowen Li; Yang Liu; Jungang Lou; Jianquan Lu; Jinde Cao
Pages: 1046 - 1051

29. Composite Learning Enhanced Robot Impedance Control
Author(s): Tairen Sun; Liang Peng; Long Cheng; Zeng-Guang Hou; Yongping Pan
Pages: 1052 - 1059

30. Robust Event-Triggered Control Invariance of Probabilistic Boolean Control Networks
Author(s): Lin Lin; Jinde Cao; Leszek Rutkowski
Pages: 1060 - 1065

31. Comments on “Fractional Extreme Value Adaptive Training Method: Fractional Steepest Descent Approach”
Author(s): Abdul Wahab; Shujaat Khan
Pages: 1066 - 1068

10th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics 2020

The paper submission deadline for the 10th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics 2020 is 15 March 2020. This conference will be held in Valparaíso, Chile, 7-10 September, 2020.

2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

The deadline for submitting papers to the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB2020) is 1 May 2020. This conference will be held in Viña del Mar, Chile, October 27-29.

7th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Aanlytics 2020

The paper submission deadline for the 7th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA 2020) is 24 May 2020. This conference will be held in Sydney, Australia, 6-9 October, 2020.

2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence

The paper submission deadline for the 2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence is 7 August 2020. This conference will be held in Canberra, Australia, 1-4 December, 2020.

2020 IEEE Conference on Games (COG)

The deadline for paper submission to the 2020 IEEE Conference on Games (COG 2020) is 23 March 2020. This conference will be held in Osaka, Japan, 24-27 August 2020.