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IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation; Volume 25, Number 4, August 2021

 1) A Survey of Evolutionary Continuous Dynamic Optimization Over Two Decades—Part A
Author(s): Danial Yazdani; Ran Cheng; Donya Yazdani; Jürgen Branke; Yaochu Jin; Xin Yao
Pages: 609-629

Author(s): Danial Yazdani; Ran Cheng; Donya Yazdani; Jürgen Branke; Yaochu Jin; Xin Yao 
Pages: 630-650

Author(s): Fangfang Zhang; Yi Mei; Su Nguyen; Mengjie Zhang; Kay Chen Tan
Pages: 651-665

Author(s): Jianyong Sun; Xin Liu; Thomas Bäck; Zongben Xu
Pages: 666-680

Author(s): Jesús Guillermo Falcón-Cardona; Hisao Ishibuchi; Carlos A. Coello Coello; Michael Emmerich
Pages: 681-695

Author(s): Weijie Zheng; Huanhuan Chen; Xin Yao 
Pages: 696-709

Author(s): Jiajun Zhou; Liang Gao; Xinyu Li
Pages: 710-723

Author(s): Shufen Qin; Chaoli Sun; Yaochu Jin; Ying Tan; Jonathan Fieldsend
Pages: 724-738

Author(s): Mengjun Ming; Anupam Trivedi; Rui Wang; Dipti Srinivasan; Tao Zhang
Pages: 739-753

Author(s): Kai Zhang; Chaonan Shen; Gary G. Yen; Zhiwei Xu; Juanjuan He
Pages: 754-768
Author(s): Genghui Li; Qingfu Zhang
Pages: 769-778

Author(s): Jun-Rong Jian; Zong-Gan Chen; Zhi-Hui Zhan; Jun Zhang
Pages: 779-793
Author(s): Xinfang Ji; Yong Zhang; Dunwei Gong; Xiaoyan Sun
Pages: 794-808


IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Special Issues

Current Special Issues: IEEE TEVC Special Issue on "Benchmarking Sampling-Based Optimization Heuristics: Methodology and Software," Guest Editors: Thomas Bäck, Leiden University, The Netherlands; Carola Doerr, CNRS researcher at LIP6, Sorbonne Université, France; Bernhard Sendhoff, Honda Research Institute Japan Co.; Thomas Stützle, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium. Submission Deadline: September 15, 2021.

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS): Volume 32, Issue 8, August 2021.

Author(s): Xiaofeng Yuan; Chen Ou; Yalin Wang; Chunhua Yang; Weihua Gui
Pages: 3296 - 3305

Author(s): Liangjun Feng; Chunhui Zhao; Youxian Sun
Pages: 3306 - 3317

Author(s): Xiaolong Wu; Honggui Han; Junfei Qiao
Pages: 3318 - 3329

Author(s): Le Yao; Weiming Shao; Zhiqiang Ge
Pages: 3330 - 3341

Author(s): Zhenyi Xu; Yu Kang; Yang Cao; Zhijun Li
Pages: 3342 - 3354

Author(s): Qingchao Jiang; Shifu Yan; Hui Cheng; Xuefeng Yan
Pages: 3355 - 3365

Author(s): Yu Zhang; Wenli Du
Pages: 3366 - 3376

Author(s): Lele Ma; Xiangjie Liu; Xiaobing Kong; Kwang Y. Lee
Pages: 3377 - 3390

Author(s): Qian Cui; Yujuan Wang; Yongduan Song
Pages: 3391 - 3400

Author(s): Shunjie Dong; Qianqian Yang; Yu Fu; Mei Tian; Cheng Zhuo
Pages: 3401 - 3411

Author(s): Ying Li; Lingfei Ma; Zilong Zhong; Fei Liu; Michael A. Chapman; Dongpu Cao; Jonathan Li
Pages: 3412 - 3432

Author(s): Xiao-Yang Liu; Xiaodong Wang
Pages: 3433 - 3443

Author(s): Anis Yazidi; Ismail Hassan; Hugo L. Hammer; B. John Oommen
Pages: 3444 - 3457

Author(s): Nan Lai; Meina Kan; Chunrui Han; Xingguang Song; Shiguang Shan
Pages: 3458 - 3470

Author(s): Serafeim Perdikis; Robert Leeb; Ricardo Chavarriaga; José del R. Millán
Pages: 3471 - 3483

Author(s): Boyue Wang; Yongli Hu; Junbin Gao; Yanfeng Sun; Fujiao Ju; Baocai Yin
Pages: 3484 - 3497

Author(s): Pengfei Wei; Ramon Sagarna; Yiping Ke; Yew-Soon Ong
Pages: 3498 - 3509

Author(s): José de Jesús Rubio
Pages: 3510 - 3524

Author(s): Sou Nobukawa; Haruhiko Nishimura; Nobuhiko Wagatsuma; Satoshi Ando; Teruya Yamanishi
Pages: 3525 - 3537

Author(s): Qi Tan; Yang Liu; Jiming Liu
Pages: 3538 - 3552

Author(s): Di Zhao; Zidong Wang; Guoliang Wei; Xiaohui Liu
Pages: 3553 - 3565

Author(s): Matteo Avolio; Antonio Fuduli
Pages: 3566 - 3577

Author(s): Changyin Sun; Xiaofeng Li; Yuewen Sun
Pages: 3578 - 3587

Author(s): Maxime Gabella
Pages: 3588 - 3592

Author(s): Yifan Shi; Zhiwen Yu; Wenming Cao; C. L. Philip Chen; Hau-San Wong; Guoqiang Han
Pages: 3593 - 3607

Author(s): Yi Lin; Dongyue Guo; Jianwei Zhang; Zhengmao Chen; Bo Yang
Pages: 3608 - 3620

Author(s): Ji-Dong Liu; Ben Niu; Yong-Gui Kao; Ping Zhao; Dong Yang
Pages: 3621 - 3632

Author(s): Jinghang Li; Mengqi Hu
Pages: 3633 - 3642

Author(s): Gongming Wang; Qing-Shan Jia; Junfei Qiao; Jing Bi; MengChu Zhou
Pages: 3643 - 3652

Author(s): Zhitao Wang; Yu Lei; Wenjie Li
Pages: 3653 - 3663

Author(s): Ye-Tao Wang; Xi-Le Zhao; Tai-Xiang Jiang; Liang-Jian Deng; Yi Chang; Ting-Zhu Huang
Pages: 3664 - 3676

Author(s): Bin Gu; Xiang Geng; Xiang Li; Wanli Shi; Guansheng Zheng; Cheng Deng; Heng Huang
Pages: 3677 - 3689

Author(s): Yin Sheng; Tingwen Huang; Zhigang Zeng; Xiangshui Miao
Pages: 3690 - 3699

Author(s): Jianying Xiao; Jinde Cao; Jun Cheng; Shiping Wen; Ruimei Zhang; Shouming Zhong
Pages: 3700 - 3709

Author(s): Felix Sattler; Klaus-Robert Müller; Wojciech Samek
Pages: 3710 - 3722

Author(s): Ruimei Zhang; Deqiang Zeng; Ju H. Park; Yajuan Liu; Xiangpeng Xie
Pages: 3723 - 3735

Author(s): Janusz A. Starzyk; Marek Jaszuk; Łukasz Maciura; Adrian Horzyk
Pages: 3736 - 3747

Author(s): Jiuwen Cao; Haozhen Dai; Baiying Lei; Chun Yin; Huanqiang Zeng; Anton Kummert
Pages: 3748 - 3754

Author(s): Heng Lian
Pages: 3755 - 3760

Author(s): Yangyang Xu; Chu Han; Jing Qin; Xuemiao Xu; Guoqiang Han; Shengfeng He
Pages: 3761 - 3769

Author(s): Tianlei Wang; Jiuwen Cao; Xiaoping Lai; Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 3770 - 3776

Author(s): Denis Kleyko; Mansour Kheffache; E. Paxon Frady; Urban Wiklund; Evgeny Osipov
Pages: 3777 - 3783

Monday, 2 August 2021

Call for Nominations / Applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Games

Call for Nominations / Applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Games The IEEE Transactions on Games (ToG) publishes original high-quality articles covering scientific, technical, and engineering aspects of games. Details about the current state of this publication can be found at: The IEEE CIS Executive Committee has formed an Adhoc Search Committee to invite nominations/applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief for ToG. The Editor-in-Chief appointment is for a 2-year term starting 1 January 2022. Nominees/applicants should be dedicated volunteers with outstanding research profiles and extensive editorial experience. The nomination/application package should include complete CV along with a separate description (max 300 words/topic) on each of the following items: Vision Statement; Editorial Experience; Summary of publishing experience in IEEE journals/magazines; IEEE Volunteer Experience; Institutional Support; Current service and administrative commitments; Networking with the Community; Challenges, if any, faced by the publication, and how to deal with them; Why the candidate considers himself/herself fit for this position? The nomination/application package should be sent as a single PDF file through email to both Prof. Kay Chen Tan ( and Jo-Ellen Snyder ( by August 20, 2021.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Early bird registrations for IEEEDSAA open until Aug 31

We are excited for @IEEEDSAA Oct. 6-9, which has been A ranked by the CORE ranking #DataScience #Research #education Early bird registrations for this online #Conference are available until Aug. 31

2022 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics (IEEE CIFEr 2022)

The website of the 2022 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics (IEEE CIFEr 2022) is now available! Check out the conference details: