Tuesday 11 December 2012

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Volume 16 Issue 6

1. The Technology of the Gaps: An Evolvable Hardware Synthesized Oscillator for the Control of a  Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Gallagher, J. C.; Doman, D. B.; Oppenheimer, M. W.
Page(s): 753 - 768

2. Continuous Dynamic Constrained Optimization—The Challenges
Nguyen, T. T.; Yao, X.
Page(s): 769 - 786

3. Hybrid Metaheuristics Based on Evolutionary Algorithms and Simulated Annealing: Taxonomy, Comparison, and Synergy Test
Rodriguez, F. J.; Garcia-Martinez, C.; Lozano, M.
Page(s): 787 - 800

4. An Efficient Resource Allocation Scheme Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Gong, Y.-J.; Zhang, J.; Chung, H. S.-H.; Chen, W.-N.; Zhan, Z.-H.; Li, Y.; Shi, Y.-H.
Page(s): 801 - 816

5. Evolving Boolean Networks on Tunable Fitness Landscapes
Bull, L.
Page(s): 817 - 828

6. Efficient Forest Data Structure for Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Network Design
Delbem, A. C. B.; de Lima, T. W.; Telles, G. P.
Page(s): 829 - 846

7. An Artificial Immune System for Classification With Local Feature Selection
Dudek, G.
Page(s): 847 - 860

8. The Automatic Design of Multiobjective Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms
Lopez-Ibanez, M.; Stutzle, T.
Page(s): 861 - 875

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