Sunday 11 September 2016

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 24, Issue 4, 2016

1. Modeling Fuzzy and Interval Fuzzy Preferences Within a Graph Model Framework
Author(s):  M. Abul Bashar; Amer Obeidi; D. Marc Kilgour; Keith W. Hipel
Page(s):  765- 778

2. Privacy-Protected Facial Biometric Verification Using Fuzzy Forest Learning
Author(s):  Richard Jiang; Ahmed Bouridane; Danny Crookes; M. Emre Celebi; Hua-Liang Wei
Page(s):  779- 790

3. A Novel Adaptive Possibilistic Clustering Algorithm
Author(s):  Spyridoula D. Xenaki; Konstantinos D. Koutroumbas; Athanasios A. Rontogiannis
Page(s):  791- 810

4. On Viewing Fuzzy Measures as Fuzzy Subsets
Author(s):  Ronald R. Yager
Page(s):  811- 818

5. Linear–Quadratic Uncertain Differential Game With Application to Resource Extraction Problem
Author(s):  Xiangfeng Yang; Jinwu Gao
Page(s):  819- 826

6. Distributivity of the Ordinal Sum Implications Over t-Norms and t-Conorms
Author(s):  Yong Su; Wenwen Zong; Hua-Wen Liu
Page(s):  827- 840

7. Hybrid Fuzzy Adaptive Output Feedback Control Design for Uncertain MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Time-Varying Delays and Input Saturation
Author(s):  Yongming Li; Shaocheng Tong; Tieshan Li
Page(s):  841- 853

8. New Formulation for Representing Higher Order TSK Fuzzy Systems
Author(s):  GholamAli Heydari; AliAkbar Gharaveisi; MohammadAli Vali
Page(s):  854- 864

9. Encoding Words Into Normal Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets: HM Approach
Author(s):  Minshen Hao; Jerry M. Mendel
Page(s):  865- 879

10. Fuzzy Opinion Networks: A Mathematical Framework for the Evolution of Opinions and Their Uncertainties Across Social Networks
Author(s):  Li-Xin Wang; Jerry M. Mendel
Page(s):  880- 905

11. Fuzzy Observed-Based Adaptive Consensus Tracking Control for Second-Order Multiagent Systems With Heterogeneous Nonlinear Dynamics
Author(s):  C. L. Philip Chen; Chang-E. Ren; Tao Du
Page(s):  906- 915

12. Ensembles of Fuzzy Linear Model Trees for the Identification of Multioutput Systems
Author(s):  Darko Aleksovski; Juš Kocijan; Sašo Džeroski
Page(s):  916- 929

13. Discovering Fuzzy Exception and Anomalous Rules
Author(s):  M. Dolores Ruiz; Daniel Sánchez; Miguel Delgado; Maria J. Martin-Bautista
Page(s):  930- 944

14. M-Estimates of Location for the Robust Central Tendency of Fuzzy Data
Author(s):  Beatriz Sinova; María Ángeles Gil; Stefan Van Aelst
Page(s):  945- 956

15. Evaluating Choquet Integrals Whose Arguments are Probability Distributions
Author(s):  Ronald R. Yager
Page(s):  957- 965

16. Mean-Based Fuzzy Control for a Class of MIMO Robotic Systems
Author(s):  Wei-Yen Wang; Yi-Hsing Chien; Yih-Guang Leu; Chen-Chien Hsu
Page(s):  966- 980

17. On Computing the Edge-Connectivity of an Uncertain Graph
Author(s):  Yuan Gao; Zhongfeng Qin
Page(s):  981- 991

18. On the Use of Fuzzy Constraints in Semisupervised Clustering
Author(s):  Irene Diaz-Valenzuela; M. Amparo Vila; Maria J. Martin-Bautista
Page(s):  992- 999

19. Join and Meet Operations for Type-2 Fuzzy Sets With Nonconvex Secondary Memberships
Author(s):  Gonzalo Ruiz; Hani Hagras; Héctor Pomares; Ignacio Rojas; Humberto Bustince
Page(s):  1000- 1008

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