Tuesday 11 June 2013

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Volume 21, Issue 3, June 2013

1. IVTURS: A Linguistic Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification System Based On a New Interval-Valued Fuzzy Reasoning Method With Tuning and Rule Selection
Author(s): Sanz, J.A. ; Fernandez, A. ; Bustince, H. ; Herrera, F.

2. Fuzzy Rules Interpolation for Sparse Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems Based on Interval Type-2 Gaussian Fuzzy Sets and Genetic Algorithms
Author(s): Chen, S.-M. ; Chang, Y.-C. ; Pan, J.-S.

3. On KM Algorithms for Solving Type-2 Fuzzy Set Problems
Author(s): Mendel, J.M.

4. A Method for Deriving the Analytical Structure of a Broad Class of Typical Interval Type-2 Mamdani Fuzzy Controllers
Author(s): Zhou, H. ; Ying, H.

5. Multiobjective Optimization and Comparison of Nonsingleton Type-1 and Singleton Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Author(s): Cara, A.B. ; Wagner, C. ; Hagras, H. ; Pomares, H. ; Rojas, I.

6. Reduced Interval Type-2 Neural Fuzzy System Using Weighted Bound-Set Boundary Operation for Computation Speedup and Chip Implementation
Author(s): Juang, C.-F. ; Juang, K.-J.

7. A Mutually Recurrent Interval Type-2 Neural Fuzzy System (MRIT2NFS) With Self-Evolving Structure and Parameters
Author(s): Lin, Y.-Y. ; Chang, J.-Y. ; Pal, N.R. ; Lin, C.-T.

8. Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach Based on Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets With Incomplete Certain Information on Weights
Author(s): Wang, J.-Q. ; Zhang, H.-Y.

9. Delayed Impulsive Control of Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Delay Systems
Author(s): Chen, W.-H. ; Wei, D. ; Zheng, W.X.

10. Communication Between Information Systems Using Fuzzy Rough Sets
Author(s): Tsang, E.C.C. ; Wang, C. ; Chen, D. ; Wu, C. ; Hu, Q.

11. Distributive Equations of Fuzzy Implications Based on Continuous Triangular Conorms Given as Ordinal Sums
Author(s): Xie, A. ; Li, C. ; Liu, H.

12. Fuzzy Implications Derived From Generalized Additive Generators of Representable Uninorms
Author(s): Liu, H-.W.

13. Complex Neurofuzzy ARIMA Forecasting—A New Approach Using Complex Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Li, C. ; Chiang, T.-W.

14. A Possibilistic Mean-Downside Risk-Skewness Model for Efficient Portfolio Selection
Author(s): Vercher, E. ; Bermudez, J.D.

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