Monday 10 June 2013

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Volume 17, Issue 3, June 2013

1. Stochastic Diversity Loss and Scalability in Estimation of Distribution Genetic Programming
Kim, K. ; McKay, R.I.

2. A Survey on Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for the Solution of the Portfolio Optimization Problem and Other Finance and Economics Applications 
Author(s): Ponsich, A. ; Jaimes, A.L. ; Coello, C.A.C.

3. A Note on Generalization Loss When Evolving Adaptive Pattern Recognition Systems
Author(s): Igel, C.

4. A Novel Genetic Programming Approach for Frequency-Dependent Modeling
Author(s): Pordanjani, I.R. ; Mazin, H.E. ; Xu, W.

5. Evolving Diverse Ensembles Using Genetic Programming for Classification With Unbalanced Data
Author(s): Bhowan, U. ; Johnston, M. ; Zhang, M. ; Yao, X.

6. A Distance-Based Locally Informed Particle Swarm Model for Multimodal Optimization
Author(s): Qu, B.Y. ; Suganthan, P.N. ; Das, S.

7. Genetic Variation and the Evolution of Consensus in Digital Organisms
Author(s): Knoester, D.B. ; Goldsby, H.J. ; McKinley, P.K.

8. A New Method for Lower Bounds on the Running Time of Evolutionary Algorithms
Author(s): Sudholt, D.

9. A New Particle Swarm Optimization Method Enhanced With a Periodic Mutation Strategy and Neural Networks
Author(s): Pehlivanoglu, Y.V.

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