Saturday, 5 January 2019

CFP: IEEE CEC 2019 Special Session on Evolutionary Computation for Music, Art, and Creativity

Creativity and Intelligence are both terms that have been deeply studied for centuries but still generate debates. Scholars frequently relate both terms, establishing connections that allows to understand the relationship between general intelligence and creativity. Both are considered required for addressing challenging problems, and also for creating art or appealing designs. Music, Literature, Architecture, Painting, Crafts, Industrial Design,... all could benefit from a better understanding and conceptualization of the processes behind Creativity and Intelligence. Although computers have exceeded the capabilities of humans in a number of limited domains, human creativity generally remains unchallenged, and only recently some techniques, such as Computational Intelligence, have begun to address problems related to creativity. Computational Intelligence (CI) is a term that embodies a number of nature-inspired techniques. CI includes Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Fuzzy logic Systems and other techniques derived from them, such as Swarm Optimization, Artificial Immune Systems, Ant Colony Optimization to name but a few. CI is routinely applied nowadays to solving complex real life problems. Despite the great variety of methods and applications, only very recently, researchers have considered the capabilities of CI when applied to creative processes. Nevertheless, the finding of a general model for creativity and its relationship with Intelligence is far to be found.


This task force aims at promoting the study of Creativity and its connection to Intelligence from the point of view of Computational Intelligence. The task force will promote the study of computational creative discovery by means of CI, with the aim of both enhancing human creativity and also generation of autonomous creative behaviors. Artist creation will be an area of research: we will pay attention to visual art and music composition. We will pursue the application of CI to any branch of Art and Design, included but not limited to Architecture, Painting, Music, Literature, to name but a few.

The task force will also be interested in the study of the underlying mental processes leading to creativity, and their translation to hardware and software implementation.

The task force will be appealing for researchers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, with coverage across the arts and sciences, with interest in the application of an interdisciplinary approach.


The scope of this task force include the following topics:

  • Contribute to fundamental understanding of artistic creativity.
  • Contribute to Computational Intelligence approaches to creativity in humans and machines.
  • Develop new CI based methodologies for generation of music, visual art, literature, architecture, and industrial design.
  • Develop new methodologies based on evolutionary ecosystems dynamics for creative discovery.
  • Develop new methodologies allowing the interaction between human and computer based creativity.
  • Studying hardware platforms and software implementation leading to better creative systems.

Chuan-Kang Ting, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Francisco Fernández de Vega, University of Extremadura, Spain

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