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IEEE TNNLS November 2018 - Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 29, Issue 11, November 2018.
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Date submitted: November 1, 2018.

The following articles appeared in the latest issue of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 29, Issue 11, November 2018.

This issue published papers on deep reinforcement learning, spiking neural network, multi-task learning, adaptive control, recurrent neural network, among others. We welcome your submissions to IEEE TNNLS.

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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems;
Volume 29, Issue 11, November 2018.

1. Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Action Control
Author(s): Zhaoyang Yang; Kathryn Merrick; Lianwen Jin; Hussein A. Abbass
Page(s): 5174 - 5184

2. F-SVM: Combination of Feature Transformation and SVM Learning via Convex Relaxation
Author(s): Xiaohe Wu; Wangmeng Zuo; Liang Lin; Wei Jia; David Zhang
Page(s): 5185 - 5199

3. Adaptive Neural Dynamic Surface Control for Nonstrict-Feedback Systems With Output Dead Zone
Author(s): Xiaocheng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim; Peng Shi; Shengyuan Xu
Page(s): 5200 - 5213

4. Fuzzy Neural Network Control of a Flexible Robotic Manipulator Using Assumed Mode Method
Author(s): Changyin Sun; Hejia Gao; Wei He; Yao Yu
Page(s): 5214 - 5227

5. Approximate Low-Rank Projection Learning for Feature Extraction
Author(s): Xiaozhao Fang; Na Han; Jigang Wu; Yong Xu; Jian Yang; Wai Keung Wong; Xuelong Li
Page(s): 5228 - 5241

6. Theoretical Study of Oscillator Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Zhang Yi; Shun-ichi Amari
Page(s): 5242 - 5248

7. Integrating Space, Time, and Orientation in Spiking Neural Networks: A Case Study on Multimodal Brain Data Modeling
Author(s): Neelava Sengupta; Carolyn B. McNabb; Nikola Kasabov; Bruce R. Russell
Page(s): 5249 - 5263

8. Exploring Auxiliary Context: Discrete Semantic Transfer Hashing for Scalable Image Retrieval
Author(s): Lei Zhu; Zi Huang; Zhihui Li; Liang Xie; Heng Tao Shen
Page(s): 5264 - 5276

9. Sequential Outlier Criterion for Sparsification of Online Adaptive Filtering
Author(s): Shiliang Zhang; Hui Cao; Shuo Yang; Yanbin Zhang; Xiali Hei
Page(s): 5277 - 5291

10. Shared Predictive Cross-Modal Deep Quantization
Author(s): Erkun Yang; Cheng Deng; Chao Li; Wei Liu; Jie Li; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 5292 - 5303

11. Tree2Vector: Learning a Vectorial Representation for Tree-Structured Data
Author(s): Haijun Zhang; Shuang Wang; Xiaofei Xu; Tommy W. S. Chow; Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Page(s): 5304 - 5318

12. Admissible Delay Upper Bounds for Global Asymptotic Stability of Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Xian-Ming Zhang; Qing-Long Han; Jun Wang
Page(s): 5319 - 5329

13. Nonparametric Bayesian Correlated Group Regression With Applications to Image Classification
Author(s): Lei Luo; Jian Yang; Bob Zhang; Jielin Jiang; Heng Huang
Page(s): 5330 - 5344

14. Deep Hyperspectral Image Sharpening
Author(s): Renwei Dian; Shutao Li; Anjing Guo; Leyuan Fang
Page(s): 5345 - 5355

15. Biologically Inspired Intensity and Depth Image Edge Extraction
Author(s): Dermot Kerr; Sonya Coleman; Thomas Martin McGinnity
Page(s): 5356 - 5365

16. Semisupervised Negative Correlation Learning
Author(s): Huanhuan Chen; Bingbing Jiang; Xin Yao
Page(s): 5366 - 5379

17. A Generalized Model for Robust Tensor Factorization With Noise Modeling by Mixture of Gaussians
Author(s): Xi’ai Chen; Zhi Han; Yao Wang; Qian Zhao; Deyu Meng; Lin Lin; Yandong Tang
Page(s): 5380 - 5393

18. A Supervised Learning Algorithm for Learning Precise Timing of Multiple Spikes in Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks
Author(s): Aboozar Taherkhani; Ammar Belatreche; Yuhua Li; Liam P. Maguire
Page(s): 5394 - 5407

19. Learning Rates of Regularized Regression With Multiple Gaussian Kernels for Multi-Task Learning
Author(s): Yong-Li Xu; Xiao-Xing Li; Di-Rong Chen; Han-Xiong Li
Page(s): 5408 - 5418

20. A Neural Controller for Image-Based Visual Servoing of Manipulators With Physical Constraints
Author(s): Yinyan Zhang; Shuai Li
Page(s): 5419 - 5429

21. Multistability Analysis of Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks With Time Delays
Author(s): Qiankun Song; Xiaofeng Chen
Page(s): 5430 - 5440

22. Recursive Neural Networks for Density Estimation Over Generalized Random Graphs
Author(s): Marco Bongini; Leonardo Rigutini; Edmondo Trentin
Page(s): 5441 - 5458

23. Efficient Reinforcement Learning via Probabilistic Trajectory Optimization
Author(s): Yunpeng Pan; George I. Boutselis; Evangelos A. Theodorou
Page(s): 5459 - 5474

24. Deep Cascade Learning
Author(s): Enrique S. Marquez; Jonathon S. Hare; Mahesan Niranjan
Page(s): 5475 - 5485

25. Event-Triggered Cooperative Global Robust Practical Output Regulation for Second-Order Uncertain Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
Author(s): Wei Liu; Jie Huang
Page(s): 5486 - 5498

26. Complex Gaussian Processes for Regression
Author(s): Rafael Boloix-Tortosa; Juan José Murillo-Fuentes; Francisco Javier Payán-Somet; Fernando Pérez-Cruz
Page(s): 5499 - 5511

27. A Game-Theoretic Approach to Design Secure and Resilient Distributed Support Vector Machines
Author(s): Rui Zhang; Quanyan Zhu
Page(s): 5512 - 5527

28. Optimizing Kernel Machines Using Deep Learning
Author(s): Huan Song; Jayaraman J. Thiagarajan; Prasanna Sattigeri; Andreas Spanias
Page(s): 5528 - 5540

29. Multiview Clustering via Unified and View-Specific Embeddings Learning
Author(s): Qiyue Yin; Shu Wu; Liang Wang
Page(s): 5541 - 5553

30. Adaptive Neural Control for Robotic Manipulators With Output Constraints and Uncertainties
Author(s): Shuang Zhang; Yiting Dong; Yuncheng Ouyang; Zhao Yin; Kaixiang Peng
Page(s): 5554 - 5564

31. An Online Minimax Optimal Algorithm for Adversarial Multiarmed Bandit Problem
Author(s): Kaan Gokcesu; Suleyman Serdar Kozat
Page(s): 5565 - 5580

32. A Block EM Algorithm for Multivariate Skew Normal and Skew t-Mixture Models
Author(s): Sharon X. Lee; Kaleb L. Leemaqz; Geoffrey J. McLachlan
Page(s): 5581 - 5591

33. Concept Drift and Anomaly Detection in Graph Streams
Author(s): Daniele Zambon; Cesare Alippi; Lorenzo Livi
Page(s): 5592 - 5605

34. Reduced-Order Filtering of Delayed Static Neural Networks With Markovian Jumping Parameters
Author(s): He Huang; Tingwen Huang; Yang Cao
Page(s): 5606 - 5618

35. Learning Temporal Information for Brain-Computer Interface Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): Siavash Sakhavi; Cuntai Guan; Shuicheng Yan
Page(s): 5619 - 5629

36. A Unifying Objective Function of Independent Component Analysis for Ordering Sources by Non-Gaussianity
Author(s): Yoshitatsu Matsuda; Kazunori Yamaguchi
Page(s): 5630 - 5642

37. Latent Topic Text Representation Learning on Statistical Manifolds
Author(s): Bingbing Jiang; Zhengyu Li; Huanhuan Chen; Anthony G. Cohn
Page(s): 5643 - 5654

38. Collaborative Deconvolutional Neural Networks for Joint Depth Estimation and Semantic Segmentation
Author(s): Jing Liu; Yuhang Wang; Yong Li; Jun Fu; Jiangyun Li; Hanqing Lu
Page(s): 5655 - 5666

39. Efficient Cluster-Based Boosting for Semisupervised Classification
Author(s): Rodrigo G. F. Soares; Huanhuan Chen; Xin Yao
Page(s): 5667 - 5680

40. Adaptive Critic Design for Pure-Feedback Discrete-Time MIMO Systems Preceded by Unknown Backlashlike Hysteresis
Author(s): Li Tang; Yan-Jun Liu; C. L. Philip Chen
Page(s): 5681 - 5690

41. Synchronization of Nonlinearly and Stochastically Coupled Markovian Switching Networks via Event-Triggered Sampling
Author(s): Hailing Dong; Jiamu Zhou; Bingchang Wang; Mingqing Xiao
Page(s): 5691 - 5700

42. A Comprehensive Look at Coding Techniques on Riemannian Manifolds
Author(s): Masoud Faraki; Mehrtash T. Harandi; Fatih Porikli
Page(s): 5701 - 5712

43. Adaptive Learning-Based k-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers With Resilience to Class Imbalance
Author(s): Sankha Subhra Mullick; Shounak Datta; Swagatam Das
Page(s): 5713 - 5725

44. Swarming Behavior of Multiple Euler–Lagrange Systems With Cooperation–Competition Interactions: An Auxiliary System Approach
Author(s): Hong-Xiang Hu; Guanghui Wen; Wenwu Yu; Qi Xuan; Guanrong Chen
Page(s): 5726 - 5737

45. A Collaborative Neurodynamic Approach to Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Man-Fai Leung; Jun Wang
Page(s): 5738 - 5748

46. Matrix Factorization From a Few Dominators
Author(s): Quan Liu; Yanbo Wang; Bo Yuan
Page(s): 5749 - 5755

47. Improved Stability Criterion for Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Jing-Jing Xiong; Guobao Zhang
Page(s): 5756 - 5760

48. Unification of MAP Estimation and Marginal Inference in Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Zhaofei Yu; Feng Chen; Fei Deng
Page(s): 5761 - 5766

49. New Discrete-Time ZNN Models for Least-Squares Solution of Dynamic Linear Equation System With Time-Varying Rank-Deficient Coefficient
Author(s): Binbin Qiu; Yunong Zhang; Zhi Yang
Page(s): 5767 - 5776

50. Output Reachable Set Estimation and Verification for Multilayer Neural Networks
Author(s): Weiming Xiang; Hoang-Dung Tran; Taylor T. Johnson
Page(s): 5777 - 5783

51. Ristretto: A Framework for Empirical Study of Resource-Efficient Inference in Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): Philipp Gysel; Jon Pimentel; Mohammad Motamedi; Soheil Ghiasi
Page(s): 5784 - 5789

52. A Weightedly Uniform Detectability for Sensor Networks
Author(s): Wangyan Li; Guoliang Wei; Daniel W. C. Ho; Derui Ding
Page(s): 5790 - 5796

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