Saturday 14 July 2018

Call for submissions: 2018 IEEE CIS Webinars Competition -- Emerging Topics and Applications of Computational Intelligence

Webinar Topics in the areas of Emerging Topics and Applications of Computational Intelligence are invited.

Topics Include: Deep Learning, computational neuroscience, Brain Computer Interface, ambient intelligence, CI approaches to natural language, artificial life, cultural learning, computational intelligence for the IoT, Smart-X technologies, legal, ethical and social impacts of CI, Internet of Things, Big Data and Big Knowledge

Prizes  for each Category
1stprize -  $500 USD, 2ndprize -  $300 USD, 3rdprize  - $200 USD

Important Dates
Opening Date: 1st  July 2018
Closing Date: 1st  November 2018
Announcement of Winners: Awards Ceremony at IEEE SSCI 2018, India

Competition Submission via Easy Chair<>
You will be required to submit a Webinar Title, Abstract, Category and a link to 30 minute YouTube video of your Webinar.  The webinarmust be narrated in English and be available through the entrants YouTubechannel.

How your submission will be judged ?
Submissions will be judged by a panel of CI Experts based on  the noveltyof the computational intelligence approach, soundness, relevance to emerging topics in CI, presentation andclarity. The Popularity of your webinar (number of “likes” vs “dislikes” and comments in YouTube) will be taken into consideration.

For more information contact:
DrKeeley Crockett 
Chair IEEE Webinars Sub-Commitee

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