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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 28, Issue 9, September 2017

The following articles appeared in the latest issue of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 28, Issue 9, September 2017.

This issue published papers on feature selection, self-organized neural network, manifold learning, gradient descent, support vector machines, adaptive dynamic programming, neuroadaptive control, recurrent neural network, among others. We welcome your submissions to IEEE TNNLS.

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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems;
Volume 28, Issue 9, September 2017.

1. Semisupervised Feature Selection Based on Relevance and Redundancy Criteria
Author(s): Jin Xu; Bo Tang; Haibo He; Hong Man
Page(s): 1974 - 1984

2. Visual Recognition by Learning From Web Data via Weakly Supervised Domain Generalization
Author(s): Li Niu; Wen Li; Dong Xu; Jianfei Cai
Page(s): 1985 - 1999

3. The Growing Hierarchical Neural Gas Self-Organizing Neural Network
Author(s): Esteban J. Palomo; Ezequiel López-Rubio
Page(s): 2000 - 2009

4. A Novel Locally Linear KNN Method With Applications to Visual Recognition
Author(s): Qingfeng Liu; Chengjun Liu
Page(s): 2010 - 2021

5. An Approach to Stable Gradient-Descent Adaptation of Higher Order Neural Units
Author(s): Ivo Bukovsky; Noriyasu Homma
Page(s): 2022 - 2034

6. Descriptor Learning via Supervised Manifold Regularization for Multioutput Regression
Author(s): Xiantong Zhen; Mengyang Yu; Ali Islam; Mousumi Bhaduri; Ian Chan; Shuo Li
Page(s): 2035 - 2047

7. Online Learning of Hierarchical Pitman–Yor Process Mixture of Generalized Dirichlet Distributions With Feature Selection
Author(s): Wentao Fan; Hassen Sallay; Nizar Bouguila
Page(s): 2048 - 2061

8. A Novel Neural Network for Generally Constrained Variational Inequalities
Author(s): Xingbao Gao; Li-Zhi Liao
Page(s): 2062 - 2075

9. Budget Online Learning Algorithm for Least Squares SVM
Author(s): Ling Jian; Shuqian Shen; Jundong Li; Xijun Liang; Lei Li
Page(s): 2076 - 2087

10. Integral Sliding Mode Fault-Tolerant Control for Uncertain Linear Systems Over Networks With Signals Quantization
Author(s): Li-Ying Hao; Ju H. Park; Dan Ye
Page(s): 2088 - 2100

11. Neural Network-Based Passive Filtering for Delayed Neutral-Type Semi-Markovian Jump Systems
Author(s): Peng Shi; Fanbiao Li; Ligang Wu; Cheng-Chew Lim
Page(s): 2101 - 2114

12. Online Regression for Data With Changepoints Using Gaussian Processes and Reusable Models
Author(s): Robert C. Grande; Thomas J. Walsh; Girish Chowdhary; Sarah Ferguson; Jonathan P. How
Page(s): 2115 - 2128

13. Large-Cone Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Author(s): Tongliang Liu; Mingming Gong; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 2129 - 2142

14. Containment Control for Second-Order Multiagent Systems Communicating Over Heterogeneous Networks
Author(s): Jiahu Qin; Wei Xing Zheng; Huijun Gao; Qichao Ma; Weiming Fu
Page(s): 2143 - 2155

15. Predictor-Based Neural Dynamic Surface Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems in Strict-Feedback Form
Author(s): Zhouhua Peng; Dan Wang; Jun Wang
Page(s): 2156 - 2167

16. Robust Image Regression Based on the Extended Matrix Variate Power Exponential Distribution of Dependent Noise
Author(s): Lei Luo; Jian Yang; Jianjun Qian; Ying Tai; Gui-Fu Lu
Page(s): 2168 - 2182

17. Smooth Neuroadaptive PI Tracking Control of Nonlinear Systems With Unknown and Nonsmooth Actuation Characteristics
Author(s): Yongduan Song; Junxia Guo; Xiucai Huang
Page(s): 2183 - 2195

18. Methodology of Recurrent Laguerre–Volterra Network for Modeling Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Author(s): Kunling Geng; Vasilis Z. Marmarelis
Page(s): 2196 - 2208

19. Dynamic Surface Control for a Class of Nonlinear Feedback Linearizable Systems With Actuator Failures
Author(s): Kendrick Amezquita Semprun; Lin Yan; Waseem Aslam Butt; Peter C. Y. Chen
Page(s): 2209 - 2214

20. A New Powered Lower Limb Prosthesis Control Framework Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Yue Wen; Jennie Si; Xiang Gao; Stephanie Huang; He Helen Huang
Page(s): 2215 - 2220

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