Wednesday 12 April 2017

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 21 Issue 2, April 2017

1. Performance of Decomposition-Based Many-Objective Algorithms Strongly Depends on Pareto Front Shapes
Author(s): Hisao Ishibuchi; Yu Setoguchi; Hiroyuki Masuda; Yusuke Nojima
Page(s): 169 - 190

2. Adaptive Multimodal Continuous Ant Colony Optimization
Author(s): Qiang Yang; Wei-Neng Chen; Zhengtao Yu; Tianlong Gu; Yun Li; Huaxiang Zhang; Jun Zhang
Page(s): 191 - 205

3. Optimal Computing Budget Allocation for Particle Swarm Optimization in Stochastic Optimization
Author(s): Si Zhang; Jie Xu; Loo Hay Lee; Ek Peng Chew; Wai Peng Wong; Chun-Hung Chen
Page(s): 206 - 219

4. Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Coordinated Selection Strategy
Author(s): Zhenan He; Gary G. Yen
Page(s): 220 - 233

5. A Multiobjective Cooperative Coevolutionary Algorithm for Hyperspectral Sparse Unmixing
Author(s): Maoguo Gong; Hao Li; Enhu Luo; Jing Liu; Jia Liu
Page(s): 234 - 248

6. Quantifying Variable Interactions in Continuous Optimization Problems
Author(s): Yuan Sun; Michael Kirley; Saman K. Halgamuge
Page(s): 249 - 264

7. A Novel Image Representation Framework Based on Gaussian Model and Evolutionary Optimization
Author(s): Licheng Jiao; Sibo Zhang; Lingling Li; Shuyuan Yang; Fang Liu; Hongxia Hao; Hang Dong
Page(s): 265 - 280

8. Factored Evolutionary Algorithms
Author(s): Shane Strasser; John Sheppard; Nathan Fortier; Rollie Goodman
Page(s): 281 - 293

9. A Classification and Comparison of Credit Assignment Strategies in Multiobjective Adaptive Operator Selection
Author(s): Nozomi Hitomi; Daniel Selva
Page(s): 294 - 314

10. Heterogeneous Cooperative Co-Evolution Memetic Differential Evolution Algorithm for Big Data Optimization Problems
Author(s): Nasser R. Sabar; Jemal Abawajy; John Yearwood
Page(s): 315 - 327

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