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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 12, December 2016.

1. Training Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Classification via Class-Specific Clustering
Author(s): Jenni Raitoharju; Serkan Kiranyaz; Moncef Gabbouj
Pages: 2458 - 2471

2. Similarity Constraints-Based Structured Output Regression Machine: An Approach to Image Super-Resolution
Author(s): Cheng Deng; Jie Xu; Kaibing Zhang; Dacheng Tao; Xinbo Gao; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2472 - 2485

3. Deep Learning of Part-Based Representation of Data Using Sparse Autoencoders With Nonnegativity Constraints
Author(s): Ehsan Hosseini-Asl; Jacek M. Zurada; Olfa Nasraoui
Pages: 2486 - 2498

4. A Unified Framework for Representation-Based Subspace Clustering of Out-of-Sample and Large-Scale Data
Author(s): Xi Peng; Huajin Tang; Lei Zhang; Zhang Yi; Shijie Xiao
Pages: 2499 - 2512

5. A Theoretical Foundation of Goal Representation Heuristic Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Xiangnan Zhong; Zhen Ni; Haibo He
Pages: 2513 - 2525

6. Sequential Compact Code Learning for Unsupervised Image Hashing
Author(s): Li Liu; Ling Shao
Pages: 2526 - 2536

7. Organizing Books and Authors by Multilayer SOM
Author(s): Haijun Zhang; Tommy W. S. Chow; Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 2537 - 2550

8. Generalized Higher Order Orthogonal Iteration for Tensor Learning and Decomposition
Author(s): Yuanyuan Liu; Fanhua Shang; Wei Fan; James Cheng; Hong Cheng
Pages: 2551 - 2563

9. Dynamic Learning From Neural Control for Strict-Feedback Systems With Guaranteed Predefined Performance
Author(s): Min Wang; Cong Wang; Peng Shi; Xiaoping Liu
Pages: 2564 - 2576

10. Online Solution of Two-Player Zero-Sum Games for Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems With Completely Unknown Dynamics
Author(s): Yue Fu; Tianyou Chai
Pages: 2577 - 2587

11. Shortcomings/Limitations of Blockwise Granger Causality and Advances of Blockwise New Causality
Author(s): Sanqing Hu; Xinxin Jia; Jianhai Zhang; Wanzeng Kong; Yu Cao
Pages: 2588 - 2601

12. Semisupervised Multiclass Classification Problems With Scarcity of Labeled Data: A Theoretical Study
Author(s): Jonathan Ortigosa-Hern├índez;  I?aki Inza;  Jose A. Lozano
Pages: 2602 - 2614

13. Integration-Enhanced Zhang Neural Network for Real-Time-Varying Matrix Inversion in the Presence of Various Kinds of Noises
Author(s): Long Jin; Yunong Zhang; Shuai Li
Pages: 2615 - 2627

14. Scalable Linear Visual Feature Learning via Online Parallel Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Author(s): Xueyi Zhao; Xi Li; Zhongfei Zhang; Chunhua Shen; Yueting Zhuang; Lixin Gao; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2628 - 2642

15. Information Theoretic Subspace Clustering
Author(s): Ran He; Liang Wang; Zhenan Sun; Yingya Zhang; Bo Li
Pages: 2643 - 2655

16. Adaptive Scaling of Cluster Boundaries for Large-Scale Social Media Data Clustering
Author(s): Lei Meng; Ah-Hwee Tan; Donald C. Wunsch
Pages: 2656 - 2669

17. K-MEAP: Multiple Exemplars Affinity Propagation With Specified K Clusters
Author(s): Yangtao Wang; Lihui Chen
Pages: 2670 - 2682

18. Landslide Displacement Prediction With Uncertainty Based on Neural Networks With Random Hidden Weights
Author(s): Cheng Lian; Zhigang Zeng; Wei Yao; Huiming Tang; Chun Lung Philip Chen
Pages: 2683 - 2695

19. Impulsive Synchronization of Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks With Mixed Delays and Its Application to Image Encryption
Author(s): Wu-Hua Chen; Shixian Luo; Wei Xing Zheng
Pages: 2696 - 2710

20. MSDLSR: Margin Scalable Discriminative Least Squares Regression for Multicategory Classification
Author(s): Lingfeng Wang; Xu-Yao Zhang; Chunhong Pan
Pages: 2711 - 2717

21. Data-Driven Modeling for UGI Gasification Processes via an Enhanced Genetic BP Neural Network With Link Switches
Author(s): Shida Liu; Zhongsheng Hou; Chenkun Yin
Pages: 2718 - 2729

22. Is a Complex-Valued Stepsize Advantageous in Complex-Valued Gradient Learning Algorithms?
Author(s): Huisheng Zhang; Danilo P. Mandic
Pages: 2730 - 2735

23. Enhanced Logical Stochastic Resonance in Synthetic Genetic Networks
Author(s): Nan Wang; Aiguo Song
Pages: 2736 - 2739

24. A Boosting Approach to Exploit Instance Correlations for Multi-Instance Classification
Author(s): Yali Li; Shengjin Wang; Qi Tian; Xiaoqing Ding
Pages: 2740 - 2747

25. Using Digital Masks to Enhance the Bandwidth Tolerance and Improve the Performance of On-Chip Reservoir Computing Systems
Author(s): Bendix Schneider; Joni Dambre; Peter Bienstman
Pages: 2748 - 2753

26. Synchronization Analysis and Design of Coupled Boolean Networks Based on Periodic Switching Sequences
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang; Hui Tian; Zhanshan Wang; Yanfang Hou
Pages: 2754 - 2759

27. Power Quality Analysis Using a Hybrid Model of the Fuzzy Min–Max Neural Network and Clustering Tree
Author(s): Manjeevan Seera; Chee Peng Lim; Chu Kiong Loo; Harapajan Singh
Pages: 2760 - 2767

28. Max-Margin-Based Discriminative Feature Learning
Author(s): Changsheng Li; Qingshan Liu; Weishan Dong; Fan Wei; Xin Zhang; Lin Yang
Pages: 2768 - 2775

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