Thursday 17 March 2016

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, Volume8, Issue 1, March 2016

1) Predicting Dominance Rankings for Score-Based Games
Author(s): S. Samothrakis; D. Perez; S. M. Lucas; P. Rohlfshagen
Page(s): 1 - 12

2) Solving a Complex Language Game by Using Knowledge-Based Word Associations Discovery
Author(s): P. Basile; M. de Gemmis; P. Lops; G. Semeraro
Page(s): 13 - 26

3) Extending Real-Time Challenge Balancing to Multiplayer Games: A Study on Eco-Driving
Author(s): H. Prendinger; K. Puntumapon; M. Madruga
Page(s): 27 - 32

4) Online Adaptable Learning Rates for the Game Connect-4
Author(s): S. Bagheri; M. Thill; P. Koch; W. Konen
Page(s): 33 - 42

5) Intelligent Game Engine for Rehabilitation (IGER)
Author(s): M. Pirovano; R. Mainetti; G. Baud-Bovy; P. L. Lanzi; N. A. Borghese
Page(s): 43 - 55

6) Reinforcement Learning in Video Games Using Nearest Neighbor Interpolation and Metric Learning
Author(s): M. S. Emigh; E. G. Kriminger; A. J. Brockmeier; J. C. Príncipe; P. M. Pardalos
Page(s): 56 - 66

7) Discovering Multimodal Behavior in Ms. Pac-Man Through Evolution of Modular Neural Networks
Author(s): J. Schrum; R. Miikkulainen
Page(s): 67 - 81

8) Prolog-Scripted Tactics Negotiation and Coordinated Team Actions for Counter-Strike Game Bots
Author(s): G. Jaśkiewicz
Page(s): 82 - 88

9) Predicting Opponent's Production in Real-Time Strategy Games With Answer Set Programming
Author(s): M. Stanescu; M. Čertický

10) How to Run a Successful Game-Based AI Competition
Author(s): J. Togelius
Page(s): 95 - 100

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