Wednesday 4 June 2014

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Volume 18, Number 3, June 2014

1. A Self-Adjustable Input Genetic Algorithm for the Near-Surface Problem in Geophysics
Author(s): Y. Sun and D. J. Verschuur
Pages: 309-325

2. Evolutionary Programming for High-Dimensional Constrained Expensive Black-Box Optimization Using Radial Basis Functions
Author(s): R. G. Regis
Pages: 326-347

3. Shift-Based Density Estimation for Pareto-Based Algorithms in Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): M. Li, S. Yang, and X. Liu
Pages: 348-365

4. Data Clustering Using Variants of Rapid Centroid Estimation
M. Yuwono, S. W. Su, B. D. Moulton, and H. T. Nguyen
Pages: 366-377

5. Cooperative Co-Evolution With Differential Grouping for Large Scale Optimization
Author(s): M. N. Omidvar, X. Li, Y. Mei, and X. Yao
Pages: 378-393

6. Optimal Experiment Design for Coevolutionary Active Learning
Author(s): D. L. Ly and H. Lipson
Pages: 394-404

7. Genetic Programming for the Automatic Inference of Graph Models for Complex Networks
Author(s): A. Bailey, M. Ventresca, and B. Ombuki-Berman
Pages: 405-419

8. On the Landscape of Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Author(s): M.-H. Tayarani-N. and A. Prugel-Bennett
Pages: 420-434

9. Cooperative Coevolution With Route Distance Grouping for Large-Scale Capacitated Arc Routing Problems
Author(s): Y. Mei, X. Li, and X. Yao
Pages: 435-449


10. Decomposition of a Multiobjective Optimization Problem into a Number of Simple Multiobjective Subproblems
Author(s): H.-L. Liu, F. Gu, and Q. Zhang
Pages: 450-455

11. Sampling Techniques and Distance Metrics in High Dimensional Continuous Landscape Analysis: Limitations and Improvements
Author(s): R. Morgan and M. Gallagher
Pages: 456

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