Wednesday 21 May 2014

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 25, Issue 6, June 2014

1. A Self-Building and Cluster-Based Cognitive Fault Diagnosis System for Sensor Networks
Author(s): Alippi, C. ; Roveri, M. ; Trova, F.
Pages: 1021-1032

2. A Simple Scheme for Formation Control Based on Weighted Behavior Learning
Author(s): Lin, J. ; Hwang, K. ; Wang, Y.
Pages: 1033-1044

3. New Criteria for Global Robust Stability of Delayed Neural Networks With Norm-Bounded Uncertainties
Author(s): Arik, S.
Pages: 1045-1052

4. A Nonlinear Semantic-Preserving Projection Approach to Visualize Multivariate Periodical Time Series
Author(s): Blanchart, P. ; Depecker, M.
Pages: 1053-1070

5. Local Coordinate Concept Factorization for Image Representation
Author(s): Liu, H. ; Yang, Z. ; Yang, J. ; Wu, Z. ; Li, X.
Pages: 1071-1082

6. Global and Local Structure Preservation for Feature Selection
Author(s): Liu, X. ; Wang, L. ; Zhang, J. ; Yin, J. ; Liu, H.
Pages: 1083-1095

7. A Load-Balancing Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
Author(s): Zhang, H. ; Xiao, X. ; Hasegawa, O.
Pages: 1096-1105

8. Optimal Switching and Control of Nonlinear Switching Systems Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Heydari, A. ; Balakrishnan, S.N.
Pages: 1106-1117

9. Nonconvex Regularizations for Feature Selection in Ranking With Sparse SVM
Author(s): Laporte, L. ; Flamary, R. ; Canu, S. ; Dejean, S. ; Mothe, J.
Pages: 1118-1130

10. Multiset Canonical Correlations Using Globality Preserving Projections With Applications to Feature Extraction and Recognition
Author(s): Yuan, Y. ; Sun, Q.
Pages: 1131-1146

11. Efficient Exploratory Learning of Inverse Kinematics on a Bionic Elephant Trunk
Author(s): Rolf, M. ; Steil, J.J.
Pages: 1147-1160

12. Novel LMI-Based Condition on Global Asymptotic Stability for a Class of Cohen–Grossberg BAM Networks With Extended Activation Functions
Author(s): Zhang, Z. ; Cao, J. ; Zhou, D.
Pages: 1161-1172

13. Semisupervised Classification Through the Bag-of-Paths Group Betweenness
Author(s): Lebichot, B. ; Kivimaki, I. ; Francoisse, K. ; Saerens, M.
Pages: 1173-1186

14. Rapid Oscillation Fault Detection and Isolation for Distributed Systems via Deterministic Learning
Author(s): Chen, T. ; Wang, C. ; Hill, D.J.
Pages: 1187-1199

15. Gaussian Classifier-Based Evolutionary Strategy for Multimodal Optimization
Author(s): Dong, W. ; Zhou, M.
Pages: 1200-1216

16. Adaptive Consensus Control for a Class of Nonlinear Multiagent Time-Delay Systems Using Neural Networks
Author(s): Chen, C.L.P. ; Wen, G. ; Liu, Y. ; Wang, F.
Pages: 1217-1127

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