Wednesday 15 January 2014

IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development, Volume 5, Number 4, December 2013

1. Computational Audiovisual Scene Analysis in Online Adaptation of Audio-Motor Maps
Author(s): Yan, R. ; Rodemann, T. ; Wrede, B.
Pages: 273-287

2. Modeling Cross-Modal Interactions in Early Word Learning
Author(s): Althaus, N. ; Mareschal, D.
Pages: 288-297

3. Learning to Reproduce Fluctuating Time Series by Inferring Their Time-Dependent Stochastic Properties: Application in Robot Learning Via Tutoring
Author(s): Murata, S. ; Namikawa, J. ; Arie, H. ; Sugano, S. ; Tani, J.
Pages: 298-310

4. Conceptual Imitation Learning Based on Perceptual and Functional Characteristics of Action
Author(s): Hajimirsadeghi, H. ; Ahmadabadi, M.N. ; Araabi, B.N.
Pages: 311-325

5. A Robotic Model of Reaching and Grasping Development
Author(s): Savastano, P. ; Nolfi, S.
Pages: 326-337

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