Thursday, 17 October 2013

Call for papers: Special session for WCCI 2014 "Cognition and Development"

Aim and Scope

The special session aims at the presentation of the latest models and results in the investigation of developmental issues in cognitive development and their application to computational and robotics models. In particular it encourages submissions on neural computation and cognitive robotics models of sensorimotor, cognitive and social development inspired by our understanding of human development. These include evolutionary and developmental models of the origins of intrinsic motivation, perceptual and motor development, social learning and interaction, imitation, acquisition of communicative and linguistic skills, and reasoning.

Scientific challenges addressed by these models include: What are the mechanisms that allow a child (and a robot) to develop autonomously cognitive capabilities? How does the social and physical environment, with which the child interacts, shape and scaffold the child’s developing cognitive skills and knowledge? What is the relative contribution of Nature and Nurture in the development of human and machine intelligence? What do qualitative stages during development, and body and brain maturational changes, tell us about the mechanisms and principles supporting development?

The special session also encourages submissions from the empirical developmental science disciplines, such as child psychology, developmental linguistics and neuroscience, and interdisciplinary approaches to cognition and development.

A special issue in the journal IEEE Transaction in Autonomous Mental Development will be organised, as a follow-up of the special session.

List of Main Topics

  • Developmental robotics
  • epigenetic robotics
  • neuro-robotics
  •  bio-inspired and cognitive robotics
  • cognitive modelling
  • intrinsic motivation
  • sensorimotor development
  • cognitive development
  • social development
  • language acquisition


Angelo Cangelosi, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK
Matt Schlesinger, University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale, USA
Yukie Nagai, Osaka University, Japan

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