Wednesday 28 November 2012

Webinar by Prof. Oscar Cordon, "An automatic method for forensic identification based on soft computing techniques”

The webinar is originated in Spain on December 4th, 2012 at: 11:00 am Central European Time (CET) (UTC) + 1).

Title: An automatic method for forensic identification based on soft computing techniques

This talk will be focused on the development of an automatic method to assist
forensic anthropologists in the identification of deceased people through
craniofacial superimposition. This skeleton-based forensic identification
technique is based on overlaying a photograph of the missing person and a
graphical model of the skull found to determine if they correspond to the same
person. The introduced intelligent system considers the use of fuzzy sets and
evolutionary algorithms for the automatic reconstruction of tridimensional
models of human skulls and for the automatic 3D skull model – 2D face
photograph overlay. The resulting computational intelligence-based system is
the outcome of a coordinated project between the European Centre for Soft
Computing and the University of Granada’s Physical Anthropology Lab. It is
protected by an international patent and is currently under commercialization
in Mexico. The results obtained in several real-world cases solved by the
latter Lab in cooperation with the Spanish Scientific Police will be reported.
Besides, the development also supports a recently launched European project
coordinated by the European Centre for Soft Computing entitled "New
Methodologies and Protocols on forensic identification by Craniofacial
Superimposition (MEPROCS)".


Dr. Oscar Cordon (SM’11) is a Full Professor with the University of Granada (UGR), Granada, Spain. He was the founder and leader of that University’s
Virtual Learning Center between 2001 and 2005. From 2006 to 2011 he was one of the founding researchers of the European Centre for Soft Computing,
Mieres, Spain, in his role of Principal Researcher, and he is still contracted as Scientific Consultant at the Centre.

He has been, for more than 15 years, an internationally recognized contributor to R&D Programs in fuzzy systems, evolutionary algorithms, and ant
colony optimization. He has published around 280 peer-reviewed scientific publications including a research book on genetic fuzzy systems and 67
JCR-SCI-indexed journal papers, advised 13 Ph.D. dissertations, participated in 34 research projects and contracts (coordinating 20 of them),
co-edited 8 special issues in international journals and 3 research books, and given 12 plenary talks in national and international conferences.
By November 2012, his publications had received 2003 citations, carrying an h index of 23, and being included in the 1% of most-cited researchers
in the world (source: Thomson Reuters's Web of Knowledge. 6472 citations and h index of 38 in ScholarGoogle). He also has an approved international
patent on an intelligent system for forensic identification that is being commercialized in Mexico. He is Associate Editor of 11 international
journals and was recognized as the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS Outstanding Associate Editor in 2008. He is a reviewer for more than 30
international journals. Since 2004, he has taken many different representative positions with Eusflat and the IEEE Computational Intelligence
Society (CIS). He is currently a member of the IEEE CIS AdCom (term 2010–2012).

Prof. Cord\'on received the UGR Young Researcher Career Award in 2004. In July 2010, he received the IEEE CIS Outstanding Early Career Award in its 2011
edition, the first such award conferred. In 2011, his developments on soft computing methods in forensic identification were recognized with the IFSA
Award for Outstanding Applications of Fuzzy Technology and with the granting of the EUSFLAT Best Ph.D. Thesis Award to Dr. Ibanez's PhD dissertation,
co-advised by Dr. Cord\'on.

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