Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Call for Papers: WCCI 2014 Special Session "Evolutionary Computation for Grouping and Graph-based Clustering"


David Camacho    (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
Sancho Salcedo-Sanz     (Universidad de Alcalá, Spain)

A. The topic

This special session will look for high quality papers where evolutionary-based algorithms have been applied into real, complex problems related to groups and clusters detection, specially in dynamic environments (i.e. communities in social-based computing, traffic in wireless sensor networks, and so many others). Therefore, the main goals of this special session will be two-fold: On the one hand, to look for new algorithms and techniques proposals based on EC, which could be applied to problems related to grouping and clustering problems. On the other hand, to look for new application domains, and real problems, where the application of EC have demonstrated an outstanding performance against other traditional approaches.

Paper acceptance and publication will be judged on the basis of their quality and relevance to the symposium themes, clarity of presentation, originality and accuracy of results and proposed solutions.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Evolutionary Grouping and Clustering.
  • Practical evolutionary applications for grouping and communities detection (i.e. social-based mining, …).
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery in distributed settings based on evolutionary and graph-based techniques.
  • EC computation and grouping/clustering methods in real problems (videogames, unmanned systems, e-business/e-commerce, e-learning, e-health, e-science, e-government, crisis management, etc…).
  • Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation in grouping and graph-based clustering problems.
  • Theoretical models for grouping and graph-based clustering based on EC computation.
  • Evolutionary Grouping and Clustering focused on semantic applications such as automatic summarization, recommender systems, topic identification, etc.
  • Computational Intelligence graph-based applications.

B. Submission Guidelines for Special Session Papers

The authors intended to contribute to IEEE WCCI 2014 Special Sessions are kindly recommended to follow the manuscript style information and templates of regular IEEE WCCI 2014 papers (http://www.ieee-wcci2014.org/Paper%20Submission.htm).

Please note that each Special Session is specifically and exclusively related to one of the three conferences composing the IEEE WCCI 2014: IJCNN2014, FUZZ-IEEE2014, and IEEE CEC 2014.

When submitting your manuscripts, authors are recommended to follow these steps:

1.    Identify the conference associated to the Special Session. For this session: IEEE CEC 2014;
2.    Go to the related conference submission website (http://ieee-cis.org/conferences/cec2014/upload.php);
3.    Select the Special Session name in the Main Research topic dropdown list (SS30. EC30: Evolutionary Computation for Grouping and Graph-based Clustering);
4.    Fill out the input fields, upload the pdf file and finalize the submission by December 20, 2013.

C. Important deadlines:

December 20, 2013    Paper submission deadline
March 15, 2014          Author notification of acceptance or rejection
April 15, 2014             Deadline for receipt of final manuscript

D. Contact information:

If you have any questions related to this special session, please send an email to:

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