Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Call for papers: WCCI 2014 Special Session "Complex Networks and Evolutionary Computation"

Introduction to the special session

The application of complex networks to evolutionary computation (EC) has received considerable attention from the EC community in recent years. The most well-known study should be the attempt of using complex networks, such as small-world networks and scale-free networks, as the potential population structures in evolutionary algorithms (EAs). Moreover, the study of using complex networks to analyse fitness landscapes and designing predictive problem difficulty measures is also attracting increasing attentions. On the other hand, using EAs to solve problems related to complex networks, such as community detection, is also a popular topic.

This special session seeks to bring together the researchers from around the globe for a creative discussion on recent advances and challenges in combining complex networks and EAs. The special session will focus on, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • Complex networks and fitness landscape analysis
  • Complex networks and problem difficulty prediction
  • Evolutionary dynamics on complex networks
  • Evolutionary algorithms based on complex networks
  • Community detection using evolutionary algorithms
  • Community detection using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
  • Real world applications of evolutionary algorithms based on complex networks

Submission Guidelines

The authors intended to contribute to IEEE WCCI 2014 Special Sessions are kindly recommended to follow the manuscript style information and templates of regular IEEE WCCI 2014 papers. Please note that each Special Session is specifically and exclusively related to one of the three conferences composing the IEEE WCCI 2014, i.e., IJCNN2014, FUZZ-IEEE2014, and IEEE CEC 2014.
When submitting their manuscripts, authors are recommended to follow these steps:
1. Identify the conference associated to the Special Session they are interested in, by looking at the "Provisionally Accepted Special Session" list under the column called ID;
2. Go to the related conference submission website;
3. Select the Special Session name in the Main Research topic dropdown list (our Special Session name is Evolutionary Computation for Planning and Scheduling);
4. Fill out the input fields, upload the pdf file and finalize the submission by December 20, 2013.


Prof. Jing Liu
Affiliation: Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education, Xidian University, China
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