Monday, 25 November 2013

Call for Papers: WCCI 2014 Special Session "Complex Fuzzy Sets and Logic"

Organizers: Scott Dick, Dan Tamir

Complex fuzzy sets are an extension to type-1 fuzzy sets in which membership grades are complex numbers. Likewise, complex fuzzy logic is an isomorphic family of multi-valued logics whose truth values are complex numbers. In the ten years since these concepts were first introduced, further theoretical investigations and a number of applications have made complex fuzzy sets and logic a lively and growing research area. This special session will provide a forum to consolidate the community of researchers in this area, share our current ideas, reflect on future directions, and communicate our ideas and vision to the larger Computational Intelligence community. As such, we welcome submissions on all aspects of complex fuzzy sets or complex fuzzy logic, including but not limited to:
  • Theory of complex fuzzy logic
  • Complex fuzzy sets
  • Complex fuzzy inferential systems
  • Elicitation of complex fuzzy rules
  • Machine learning for complex fuzzy inferential systems
  • Hybridizations of complex fuzzy sets and logic with other CI technologies
  • Data mining with complex fuzzy sets and logic
  • Applications of complex fuzzy sets and logic
  • Complex fuzzy logic hardware


Papers for the special session are limited to a maximum of 8 pages in length, prepared using the standard WCCI paper templates (double-column format), available at

When you are ready to submit your paper, please proceed to the FUZZ-IEEE submission sub-site at, and upload your paper there. From the “Main Research Topic” drop-down menu, select “S11. FZ11: Complex Fuzzy Sets and Logic.” Your paper will then proceed through the standard reviewing process for all WCCI papers.


All special sessions at WCCI adhere to the same deadlines as regular papers, as follows:
Paper Submission: Dec. 20, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: Mar. 15, 2014
Final Submission: Apr. 15, 2014
Early Registration: Apr. 15, 2014

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