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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 31, Issue 2, February 2020

1. Selection and Optimization of Temporal Spike Encoding Methods for Spiking Neural Networks
Author(s): Balint Petro; Nikola Kasabov; Rita M. Kiss
Pages: 358 - 370

2. A White-Box Equivalent Neural Network Circuit Model for SoC Estimation of Electrochemical Cells
Author(s): Massimiliano Luzi; Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli; Maurizio Paschero; Antonello Rizzi
Pages: 371 - 382

3. Deep Decision Tree Transfer Boosting
Author(s): Shuhui Jiang; Haiyi Mao; Zhengming Ding; Yun Fu
Pages: 383 - 395

4. H∞ Static Output-Feedback Control Design for Discrete-Time Systems Using Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Amir Parviz Valadbeigi; Ali Khaki Sedigh; F. L. Lewis
Pages: 396 - 406

5. Neural Network-Based Distributed Cooperative Learning Control for Multiagent Systems via Event-Triggered Communication
Author(s): Fei Gao; Weisheng Chen; Zhiwu Li; Jing Li; Bin Xu
Pages: 407 - 419

6. Distributed Fault-Tolerant Control of Multiagent Systems: An Adaptive Learning Approach
Author(s): Mohsen Khalili; Xiaodong Zhang; Yongcan Cao; Marios M. Polycarpou; Thomas Parisini
Pages: 420 - 432

7. Joint Principal Component and Discriminant Analysis for Dimensionality Reduction
Author(s): Xiaowei Zhao; Jun Guo; Feiping Nie; Ling Chen; Zhihui Li; Huaxiang Zhang
Pages: 433 - 444

8. Term Selection for a Class of Separable Nonlinear Models
Author(s): Min Gan; Guang-Yong Chen; Long Chen; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 445 - 451

9. Local Synchronization of Interconnected Boolean Networks With Stochastic Disturbances
Author(s): Hongwei Chen; Jinling Liang
Pages: 452 - 463

10. Information Transmitted From Bioinspired Neuron–Astrocyte Network Improves Cortical Spiking Network’s Pattern Recognition Performance
Author(s): Soheila Nazari; Masoud Amiri; Karim Faez; Marc M. Van Hulle
Pages: 464 - 474

11. Flow Adversarial Networks: Flowrate Prediction for Gas–Liquid Multiphase Flows Across Different Domains
Author(s): Delin Hu; Jinku Li; Yinyan Liu; Yi Li
Pages: 475 - 487

12. PCNN Mechanism and its Parameter Settings
Author(s): Xiangyu Deng; Chunman Yan; Yide Ma
Pages: 488 - 501

13. Hidden Bursting Firings and Bifurcation Mechanisms in Memristive Neuron Model With Threshold Electromagnetic Induction
Author(s): Han Bao; Aihuang Hu; Wenbo Liu; Bocheng Bao
Pages: 502 - 511

14. The Hierarchical Continuous Pursuit Learning Automation: A Novel Scheme for Environments With Large Numbers of Actions
Author(s): Anis Yazidi; Xuan Zhang; Lei Jiao; B. John Oommen
Pages: 512 - 526

15. Greedy Projected Gradient-Newton Method for Sparse Logistic Regression
Author(s): Rui Wang; Naihua Xiu; Chao Zhang
Pages: 527 - 538

16. Metacognitive Octonion-Valued Neural Networks as They Relate to Time Series Analysis
Author(s): Lyes Saad Saoud; Reza Ghorbani
Pages: 539 - 548

17. Adaptive Optimal Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems: The Online Policy Iteration Approach
Author(s): Shuping He; Haiyang Fang; Maoguang Zhang; Fei Liu; Zhengtao Ding
Pages: 549 - 558

18. Joint and Direct Optimization for Dictionary Learning in Convolutional Sparse Representation
Author(s): Guan-Ju Peng
Pages: 559 - 573

19. Toward Compact ConvNets via Structure-Sparsity Regularized Filter Pruning
Author(s): Shaohui Lin; Rongrong Ji; Yuchao Li; Cheng Deng; Xuelong Li
Pages: 574 - 588

20. Eliminating the Permutation Ambiguity of Convolutive Blind Source Separation by Using Coupled Frequency Bins
Author(s): Kan Xie; Guoxu Zhou; Junjie Yang; Zhaoshui He; Shengli Xie
Pages: 589 - 599

21. Marginalized Multiview Ensemble Clustering
Author(s): Zhiqiang Tao; Hongfu Liu; Sheng Li; Zhengming Ding; Yun Fu
Pages: 600 - 611

22. Distribution-Free Probability Density Forecast Through Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): Tianyu Hu; Qinglai Guo; Zhengshuo Li; Xinwei Shen; Hongbin Sun
Pages: 612 - 625

23. Fast Semisupervised Learning With Bipartite Graph for Large-Scale Data
Author(s): Fang He; Feiping Nie; Rong Wang; Xuelong Li; Weimin Jia
Pages: 626 - 638

24. Passivity Analysis for Quaternion-Valued Memristor-Based Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Ning Li; Wei Xing Zheng
Pages: 639 - 650

25. Probabilistic Neural Network With Complex Exponential Activation Functions in Image Recognition
Author(s): Andrey V. Savchenko
Pages: 651 - 660

26. Spatial Pyramid-Enhanced NetVLAD With Weighted Triplet Loss for Place Recognition
Author(s): Jun Yu; Chaoyang Zhu; Jian Zhang; Qingming Huang; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 661 - 674

27. Stability Analysis for Delayed Neural Networks With an Improved General Free-Matrix-Based Integral Inequality
Author(s): Jun Chen; Ju H. Park; Shengyuan Xu
Pages: 675 - 684

28. G-Softmax: Improving Intraclass Compactness and Interclass Separability of Features
Author(s): Yan Luo; Yongkang Wong; Mohan Kankanhalli; Qi Zhao
Pages: 685 - 699

29. Stabilization of Second-Order Memristive Neural Networks With Mixed Time Delays via Nonreduced Order
Author(s): Guodong Zhang; Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 700 - 706

Saturday, 22 February 2020

5th South-East Europe Design Automation, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks and Social Media Conference (SEEDA CECNSM 2020)

5th South-East Europe Design Automation, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks and Social Media Conference (SEEDA CECNSM 2020)
September 25-27, 2020
Place: Corfu, Greece
General Co-Chairs: Michael Dossis and Christos Douligeris

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2020

1. Editorial: Another Successful Year and Looking Forward to 2020
Author(s): Haibo He
Pages: 2 - 3

2. Neuromemristive Circuits for Edge Computing: A Review
Author(s): Olga Krestinskaya; Alex Pappachen James; Leon Ong Chua
Pages: 4 - 23

3. Spatially Arranged Sparse Recurrent Neural Networks for Energy Efficient Associative Memory
Author(s): Gouhei Tanaka; Ryosho Nakane; Tomoya Takeuchi; Toshiyuki Yamane; Daiju Nakano; Yasunao Katayama; Akira Hirose
Pages: 24 - 38

4. A Unified Entropy-Based Distance Metric for Ordinal-and-Nominal-Attribute Data Clustering
Author(s): Yiqun Zhang; Yiu-Ming Cheung; Kay Chen Tan
Pages: 39 - 52

5. GeCo: Classification Restricted Boltzmann Machine Hardware for On-Chip Semisupervised Learning and Bayesian Inference
Author(s): Wooseok Yi; Junki Park; Jae-Joon Kim
Pages: 53 - 65

6. Adaptive Neural Network Learning Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Time-Varying State Constraints
Author(s): Yan-Jun Liu; Lei Ma; Lei Liu; Shaocheng Tong; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 66 - 75

7. Event-Triggered Optimal Control With Performance Guarantees Using Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Biao Luo; Yin Yang; Derong Liu; Huai-Ning Wu
Pages: 76 - 88

8. 3-D Learning-Enhanced Adaptive ILC for Iteration-Varying Formation Tasks
Author(s): Yu Hui; Ronghu Chi; Biao Huang; Zhongsheng Hou
Pages: 89 - 99

9. Reservoir Computing Universality With Stochastic Inputs
Author(s): Lukas Gonon; Juan-Pablo Ortega
Pages: 100 - 112

10. Automatic Sleep Staging Employing Convolutional Neural Networks and Cortical Connectivity Images
Author(s): Panteleimon Chriskos; Christos A. Frantzidis; Polyxeni T. Gkivogkli; Panagiotis D. Bamidis; Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli
Pages: 113 - 123

11. Cell-Coupled Long Short-Term Memory With L-Skip Fusion Mechanism for Mood Disorder Detection Through Elicited Audiovisual Features
Author(s): Ming-Hsiang Su; Chung-Hsien Wu; Kun-Yi Huang; Tsung-Hsien Yang
Pages: 124 - 135

12. Self-Tuning Neural Predictive Control Scheme for Ultrabattery to Emulate a Virtual Synchronous Machine in Autonomous Power Systems
Author(s): Abdul Saleem Mir; Nilanjan Senroy
Pages: 136 - 147

13. Scalable Digital Neuromorphic Architecture for Large-Scale Biophysically Meaningful Neural Network With Multi-Compartment Neurons
Author(s): Shuangming Yang; Bin Deng; Jiang Wang; Huiyan Li; Meili Lu; Yanqiu Che; Xile Wei; Kenneth A. Loparo
Pages: 148 - 162

14. Set-Membership Estimation for Complex Networks Subject to Linear and Nonlinear Bounded Attacks
Author(s): Haiyu Song; Peng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim; Wen-An Zhang; Li Yu
Pages: 163 - 173

15. A New Timing Error Cost Function for Binary Time Series Prediction
Author(s): François Rivest; Richard Kohar
Pages: 174 - 185

16. Leveraging Coupled Interaction for Multimodal Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
Author(s): Yinghuan Shi; Heung-Il Suk; Yang Gao; Seong-Whan Lee; Dinggang Shen
Pages: 186 - 200

17. The Forbidden Region Self-Organizing Map Neural Network
Author(s): Antonio Díaz Ramos; Ezequiel López-Rubio; Esteban J. Palomo
Pages: 201 - 211

18. HONN-Based Adaptive ILC for Pure-Feedback Nonaffine Discrete-Time Systems With Unknown Control Directions
Author(s): Qing-Yuan Xu; Xiao-Dong Li
Pages: 212 - 224

19. Further Results on Adaptive Stabilization of High-Order Stochastic Nonlinear Systems Subject to Uncertainties
Author(s): Huifang Min; Shengyuan Xu; Jason Gu; Baoyong Zhang; Zhengqiang Zhang
Pages: 225 - 234

20. Attack Detection and Approximation in Nonlinear Networked Control Systems Using Neural Networks
Author(s): Haifeng Niu; Chandreyee Bhowmick; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Pages: 235 - 245

21. Multiple Instance Learning for Multiple Diverse Hyperspectral Target Characterizations
Author(s): Ping Zhong; Zhiqiang Gong; Jiaxin Shan
Pages: 246 - 258

22. Learning-Based Robust Tracking Control of Quadrotor With Time-Varying and Coupling Uncertainties
Author(s): Chaoxu Mu; Yong Zhang
Pages: 259 - 273

23. A Time Wave Neural Network Framework for Solving Time-Dependent Project Scheduling Problems
Author(s): Wei Huang; Liang Gao
Pages: 274 - 283

24. A Conclusive Analysis of the Finite-Time Behavior of the Discretized Pursuit Learning Automaton
Author(s): Xuan Zhang; Lei Jiao; B. John Oommen; Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Pages: 284 - 294

25. Semisupervised Text Classification by Variational Autoencoder
Author(s): Weidi Xu; Ying Tan
Pages: 295 - 308

26. A Novel Concept Drift Detection Method for Incremental Learning in Nonstationary Environments
Author(s): Zhe Yang; Sameer Al-Dahidi; Piero Baraldi; Enrico Zio; Lorenzo Montelatici
Pages: 309 - 320

27. Attribute-Guided Network for Cross-Modal Zero-Shot Hashing
Author(s): Zhong Ji; Yuxin Sun; Yunlong Yu; Yanwei Pang; Jungong Han
Pages: 321 - 330

28. Associative Memories With Synaptic Delays
Author(s): Janusz A. Starzyk; Łukasz Maciura; Adrian Horzyk
Pages: 331 - 344

29. Augmenting Recurrent Neural Networks Resilience by Dropout
Author(s): Davide Bacciu; Francesco Crecchi
Pages: 345 - 351

30. Noise Robust Projection Rule for Hyperbolic Hopfield Neural Networks
Author(s): Masaki Kobayashi
Pages: 352 - 356

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 12, December 2019.

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Intelligent Control Through Neural Learning and Optimization for Human–Machine Hybrid Systems
Author(s): Wei He; Changyin Sun; Donald C. Wunsch; Richard Yi Da Xu
Pages: 3530 - 3533

2. Multi Pseudo Q-Learning-Based Deterministic Policy Gradient for Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Author(s): Wenjie Shi; Shiji Song; Cheng Wu; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 3534 - 3546

3. Robust State/Output-Feedback Control of Coaxial-Rotor MAVs Based on Adaptive NN Approach
Author(s): Jinglan Li; Qinmin Yang; Bo Fan; Youxian Sun
Pages: 3547 - 3557

4. Adaptive Neural Control of a Kinematically Redundant Exoskeleton Robot Using Brain–Machine Interfaces
Author(s): Zhijun Li; Junjun Li; Suna Zhao; Yuxia Yuan; Yu Kang; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 3558 - 3571

5. Neural Adaptive Backstepping Control of a Robotic Manipulator With Prescribed Performance Constraint
Author(s): Qing Guo; Yi Zhang; Branko G. Celler; Steven W. Su
Pages: 3572 - 3583

6. Nonrigid Point Set Registration With Robust Transformation Learning Under Manifold Regularization
Author(s): Jiayi Ma; Jia Wu; Ji Zhao; Junjun Jiang; Huabing Zhou; Quan Z. Sheng
Pages: 3584 - 3597

7. Learning Accurate and Stable Dynamical System Under Manifold Immersion and Submersion
Author(s): Shaokun Jin; Zhiyang Wang; Yongsheng Ou; Wei Feng
Pages: 3598 - 3610

8. Adaptive Neural Network Tracking Control for Robotic Manipulators With Dead Zone
Author(s): Qi Zhou; Shiyi Zhao; Hongyi Li; Renquan Lu; Chengwei Wu
Pages: 3611 - 3620

9. Admittance-Based Adaptive Cooperative Control for Multiple Manipulators With Output Constraints
Author(s): Yong Li; Chenguang Yang; Weisheng Yan; Rongxin Cui; Andy Annamalai
Pages: 3621 - 3632

10. Neural Network-Based Adaptive Consensus Control for a Class of Nonaffine Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Actuator Faults
Author(s): Jiahu Qin; Gaosheng Zhang; Wei Xing Zheng; Yu Kang
Pages: 3633 - 3644

11. Designing Fully Distributed Adaptive Event-Triggered Controllers for Networked Linear Systems With Matched Uncertainties
Author(s): Bin Cheng; Zhongkui Li
Pages: 3645 - 3655

12. Leader Selection via Supermodular Game for Formation Control in Multiagent Systems
Author(s): Lei Xue; Xianghui Cao
Pages: 3656 - 3664

13. Genetic Algorithm-Based Sensor Allocation With Nonlinear Centralized Fusion Observable Degree
Author(s): Quanbo Ge; Qinmin Yang; Peng Zhuo; Guanglun Liu; Shuaishuai Tang
Pages: 3665 - 3673

14. Time-Varying Formation Tracking for UAV Swarm Systems With Switching Directed Topologies
Author(s): Xiwang Dong; Yangfan Li; Chuang Lu; Guoqiang Hu; Qingdong Li; Zhang Ren
Pages: 3674 - 3685

15. Adaptive Neural Control of Underactuated Surface Vessels With Prescribed Performance Guarantees
Author(s): Shi-Lu Dai; Shude He; Min Wang; Chengzhi Yuan
Pages: 3686 - 3698

16. A Stochastic Sampling Mechanism for Time-Varying Formation of Multiagent Systems With Multiple Leaders and Communication Delays
Author(s): Housheng Su; Jinxin Zhang; Xia Chen
Pages: 3699 - 3707

17. Adaptive Discrete-Time Flight Control Using Disturbance Observer and Neural Networks
Author(s): Shuyi Shao; Mou Chen; Youmin Zhang
Pages: 3708 - 3721

18. Exponential Synchronization and L2-Gain Analysis of Delayed Chaotic Neural Networks Via Intermittent Control With Actuator Saturation
Author(s): Hong Sang; Jun Zhao
Pages: 3722 - 3734

19. Data-Driven Robust Control of Discrete-Time Uncertain Linear Systems via Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Yongliang Yang; Zhishan Guo; Haoyi Xiong; Da-Wei Ding; Yixin Yin; Donald C. Wunsch
Pages: 3735 - 3747

20. Effects of Subsystem and Coupling on Synchronization of Multiple Neural Networks With Delays via Impulsive Coupling
Author(s): Jiejie Chen; Boshan Chen; Zhigang Zeng; Ping Jiang
Pages: 3748 - 3758

21. Manifold Criterion Guided Transfer Learning via Intermediate Domain Generation
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Shanshan Wang; Guang-Bin Huang; Wangmeng Zuo; Jian Yang; David Zhang
Pages: 3759 - 3773

22. Beyond Majority Voting: A Coarse-to-Fine Label Filtration for Heavily Noisy Labels
Author(s): Bo Han; Ivor W. Tsang; Ling Chen; Joey Tianyi Zhou; Celina P. Yu
Pages: 3774 - 3787

23. Weighted Mixed-Norm Regularized Regression for Robust Face Identification
Author(s): Jianwei Zheng; Kechen Lou; Xi Yang; Cong Bai; Jinhui Tang
Pages: 3788 - 3802

24. Kinodynamic Motion Planning With Continuous-Time Q-Learning: An Online, Model-Free, and Safe Navigation Framework
Author(s): George P. Kontoudis; Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis
Pages: 3803 - 3817

25. Nonpeaked Discriminant Analysis for Data Representation
Author(s): Qiaolin Ye; Zechao Li; Liyong Fu; Zhao Zhang; Wankou Yang; Guowei Yang
Pages: 3818 - 3832

26. O(2)-Valued Hopfield Neural Networks
Author(s): Masaki Kobayashi
Pages: 3833 - 3838

27. Partial Diffusion Kalman Filtering for Distributed State Estimation in Multiagent Networks
Author(s): Vahid Vahidpour; Amir Rastegarnia; Azam Khalili; Saeid Sanei
Pages: 3839 - 3846

28. Feature Aggregation With Reinforcement Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Xuanyu He; Weizhi Lu; Hong Qiao; Yibin Li
Pages: 3847 - 3852

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Submission Deadlines Approaching

Conference: 2020 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI 2020)
Dates: July 19-24, 2020
Place: Glasgow, UK
General Co-Chairs: Amir Hussain, Marios M. Polycarpou, Xin Yao

Conference: 2020 International Symposium on Autonomous Systems (ISAS 2020)
Dates: May 28-30, 2020
Place: Guangzhou, China
General Co-Chairs: TBA

Conference: 18th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU 2020)
Dates: June 15-19, 2020
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
General Chairs: Joao Paulo Carvalho

Conference: 2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications (IEEE CIVEMSA 2020)
Dates: June 22-24, 2020
Place: Tunis, Tunisia
General Co-Chairs: Emil Petriu and Vincenzo Piuri

Website live: DSAA 2020

2020 IEEE 7th International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA)
October 6-9, 2020
Place:  Sydney, Australia
General Chair: Vipin Kumar and Usama Fayyad

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Recently approved conferences with co-sponsorship

2020 International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2020)
Date: October 5-8, 2020
Place: Padua, Italy
General Co-Chairs: Massimiliano de Leoni and Alessandro Sperduti

18th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU 2020)
Date: June 15-19, 2020
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
General Chairs: Joao Paulo Carvalho

5th South-East Europe Design Automation, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks and Social Media Conference (SEEDA CECNSM 2020)

Date: September 25-27, 2020
Place: Corfu, Greece
General Co-Chairs: Michael Dossis and Christos Douligeris