Thursday, 21 December 2017

CFP: WCCI Special Session on Fireworks Algorithm and Its Applications

IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2018
WCCI 2018 Congress on Evolutionary Computation - CEC 2018

Fireworks Algorithm (FWA) has become one of the promising swarm intelligence algorithms in recent years, and received extensive attentions from many researchers and practitioners, because it has shown a great success in solving many complex optimization problems, especially for multi-modal optimization problems frequently happened in a lot of real-world applications. Compared with many current SI algorithms, FWA is of a new explosive search manner and probably has a fine structure of search in the solution space. As a result, it shows a strong capability of optimization computation in many optimization problems. Till to date, it has many effective variants and huge amount of successful applications. Furthermore, FWA is suitable for parallelization and works significantly better than other SI algorithms.

The aim of this special session is to bring together the experts, active researchers and newcomers from either academia or industry over the world to discuss some important issues of fireworks algorithm and its progress. All of the latest work and achievements related FWA are all welcome to this special session under the umbrella of the IEEE Congress of Evolutionary Computation at the IEEE WCCI-2018.


Full papers are invited on recent advances in the development of FWA, i.e., FWA improvements and applications. The session seeks to promote the discussion and presentation of novel works related with (but not limited to) the following issues:

Theoretical analysis of FWA
Algorithmic improvements of FWA
FWA for single-, multi-, and many-objective optimization
FWA for data mining
FWA for machine learning
FWA for data analysis
Parallelized realizations of FWA
Distributed realizations of FWA
Applications of FWA

Important Dates:

Paper submission: January 15, 2018
Paper acceptance: March 15, 2018
Final submission: May 1, 2018
Early registration: May 1, 2018

Submit a paper to the special session:

1. Click Here:
2.Follow the webpage indications and fill all the fields in the form.
3.Select Special Session on Fireworks Algorithm and Its Applications.


Prof. Ying Tan (
Ying Tan is a professor at Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (MOE), Peking University, China, and a professor at Kyushu University, Japan. His primary research interests are in computational intelligence, swarm intelligence, fireworks algorithm, machine learning algorithms and their applications.

Prof. Hideyuki TAKAGI (
Hideyuki TAKAGI is a professor and chair of Department of Art and Information Design at Faculty of Design of Kyushu University, Japan. His primary research interests are in Interactive Evolutionary Computation (IEC), computational intelligence, especially cooperative technology of neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation and human.

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