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Call for Papers FUZZ-IEEE Special Session "Fuzzy Consensus Measures & Analytics in Social Media: Risk and Uncertainty in Human Computer Interaction"


Since last two decade substantial social interactions have witnessed a rapid surge of interest in Social Networks and media as strong computational vista to attract mass active users and also demonstrated significant impact in several breakthroughs in the form of political and techno-social events contemporary to either in Tunisia or Egypt and almost in most countries of the Middle East through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Apart from social networks; social media such as YouTube and Flickr, social news like Twitter, or social bookmarking as Delicious have been significantly occupied voluminous positions and thus enhanced human computer interactions considerably. The scale of consensus measurement from social and political blog also has become a significant research agenda encompassing different business intelligence domain. Thus it has been observed that the ranges of social networking applications (starting from web 2.0 as the precursor) and recommender systems are providing relevant co-relational social information and their computational analysis reveals important socio-industrial breakthroughs. The arguments still continues that how dependable and trust-worthy resolutions are associated with such co relational analysis? As extendable uncertainty of expressing opinion under social network has been found and also situation awareness improvises human-computer interactions across social network as well.

The culture of social networks create the necessity of different Wired and Wireless/mobile devices which are capable of creating; storing, processing, forwarding and sharing content that are socially connected in a new radical network architecture harnessing the social behaviour and mobility of the users. More and more human like intelligence usually captures the motif of social media application to raise the awareness of web users towards different technical temporal events. It has been also seen that social awareness through social network and media even could influence business users to have inferences on specific context. We may argue the actual scope of fuzzy logic to measure the effective social awareness propagated through social media and also could mark up that how far human –computer interaction could amalgamate the emerging social media and trend analysis towards fuzzy analytics. Thus, the pervasive and ubiquitous flavour of computation presents Social computing paradigms to encourage the cross-disciplinary research integration of different sciences such as computer science, engineering, biology, physics, anthropology, social sciences, been experienced under social computational paradigm and trend of generalized recommendation system that entails an ensemble of machine learning algorithms to generate an advice based on the partial knowledge garnered from Social Networks by tracking the reactions and opinions of crowd are emerged from WWW community. The motivation arises primarily from a need to stimulate and support the emergence of innovative ICT based platforms for grassroots Social Innovation, in effect providing socially, environmentally and economically sustainable approaches and solutions to tackle societal challenges. The session will also provide  an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers to present and discuss their latest scientific achievements and engineering approaches for both academic and industrial areas. The main goal of this special session is to improvise cross-disciplinary research discussions that are of relevance to new and novel fuzzy computing ideas, applications and experimental results in the area of all forms of social media and networks.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Social networks analysis using Fuzzy artifacts
  • Social information retrieval and consensus
  • Knowledge discovery from large social networks
  • Fuzzy modeling in pervasive social network
  • Social-inspired content creation and Computational intelligence
  • Fuzzy behaviroal informatics and
  • Business awareness modeling and new product launching in social network
  • Human –Computer Interaction model using Fuzzy as a tool under social network
  • Cognition under Social Media
  • Opinion Mining and brand analysis
  • Social networks analysis under temporal events


Paper submission deadline: February 8, 2015
Notification of paper acceptance: March 23, 2
Camera-ready submission: April 21, 2015
Please submit your papers for this special session to both the organizers and
submission system (

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers:
Prof. Valentina E. Balas

Assoc. Prof. Soumya
Department of Computer
Campus, Jharkhand,

Prof. Lachmi C. Jain
PhD, ME, BE(Hons),
Fellow Engineers

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