Thursday, 2 November 2017

Technical Activities -- Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee

The main goal of the Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee (FSTC) for this year is to renovate the task forces in order to address the current and emerging areas. We identified the following as the most promising to establish new task forces:
  • The importance of data science is widely acknowledged. The importance of fuzzy systems in data science will be stressed and clarified by a task force in this area.
  • Robotics regained momentum recently. Some examples are e.g. drones and collaborative robots (co-bots). The role of fuzzy systems in robotics could be enhanced by a task force.
  • A strongly related topic is cyber-physical systems. These systems can profit from a fuzzy approach to the area. We expect a new task force in these areas very soon.
  • Deep learning is currently a very hot topic in computational intelligence. What are the relations between deep learning and fuzzy systems? Researchers from both areas have a saying on this.
  • Fuzzy integrals and fuzzy measures are well established areas, but can be the ground to support other more applied areas. A new task force can foster new areas in these fields.

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