Thursday, 2 November 2017

5 Minutes with Dr. James C. Bezdek

IEEE CIS Student Activities Subcommittee invites you to get to know the pioneers and experts in the Computational Intelligence. This month "5 minutes with..." focuses on pioneer Dr. James C. Bezdek.
  1. What is your title, full name, and place of work?
    Dr. James C. Bezdek, Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne
  2. What grade of member in CIS are you?
    LIFE fellow
  3. How long have you been a member of CIS?
    Since 1991
  4. One reason why you are a member of CIS:
    It represents the research areas I am interested in.
  5. What was you service pathway in the Computational Intelligence Society?
    Invitation (by Robert Marks) to join.
  6. Can you share with us one success story that will motivate young members and provide useful guidelines for their careers?
    The story and my advice are the same: you get what you pay for in life, so be prepared to work hard for you want.
  7. Give one interesting fact about yourself:
    My grandfather (Hugo F. Bezdek) is the only person who was the head coach of both professional football (Chicago) and baseball (Pittsburg) teams.

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