Thursday, 10 May 2012

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2012.


These articles can be retrieved on IEEE Xplore: or directly by clicking the individual paper URL below. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2012 

1. Title: New Semi-Supervised Classification Method Based on Modified Cluster Assumption Authors: Yunyun Wang; Songcan Chen; Zhi-Hua Zhou Page(s): 689 - 702 

2. Title: Variational Regularized 2-D Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Authors: Bin Gao; W. L. Woo; S. S. Dlay Page(s): 703 - 716 

3. Title: Neural CMOS-Integrated Circuit and Its Application to Data Classification Authors: Izzet Cem Gökna; Merih Yıldız; Shahram Minaei; Engin Deniz Page(s): 717 - 724 

4. Title: H∞ State Estimation for Discrete-Time Complex Networks With Randomly Occurring Sensor Saturations and Randomly Varying Sensor Delays Authors: Derui Ding; Zidong Wang; Bo Shen; Huisheng Shu Page(s): 725 - 736 

5. Title: Error Analysis for Matrix Elastic-Net Regularization Algorithms Authors: Hong Li; Na Chen; Luoqing Li Page(s): 737 - 748 

6. Title: Hybrid Dimensionality Reduction Method Based on Support Vector Machine and Independent Component Analysis Authors: Sangwoo Moon; Hairong Qi Page(s): 749 - 761 

7. Title: Variational Learning for Finite Dirichlet Mixture Models and Applications Authors: Wentao Fan; Nizar Bouguila; Djemel Ziou Page(s): 762 - 774 

8. Title: Class of Widely Linear Complex Kalman Filters Authors: Dahir H. Dini; Danilo P. Mandic Page(s): 775 - 786 

9. Title: Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on a Novel Robust Echo State Network Authors: Decai Li; Min Han; Jun Wang Page(s): 787 - 799 

10. Title: Regularization Path for ν-Support Vector Classification Authors: Bin Gu; Jian-Dong Wang; Guan-Sheng Zheng; Yue-Cheng Yu Page(s): 800 - 811 

11. Title: Discrete-Time Neural Network for Fast Solving Large Linear L1 Estimation Problems and its Application to Image Restoration Authors: Youshen Xia; Changyin Sun; Wei Xing Zheng Page(s): 812 - 820 

12. Title: Solving the Assignment Problem Using Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Improved Dual Networks Authors: Xiaolin Hu; Jun Wang Page(s): 821 - 827 

13. Title: Estimator Design for Discrete-Time Switched Neural Networks With Asynchronous Switching and Time-Varying Delay Authors: Dan Zhang; Li Yu; Qing-Guo Wang; Chong-Jin Ong Page(s): 827 - 834 

14. Title: Weighted Least-Squares Approach for Identification of a Reduced-Order Adaptive Neuronal Model Authors: Lingfei Zhi; Jun Chen; Peter Molnar; Aman Behal Page(s): 834 - 840 

15. Title: Complete Synchronization of Boolean Networks Authors: Rui Li; Tianguang Chu Page(s): 840 - 846 16. Title: Data-Driven Cluster Reinforcement and Visualization in Sparsely-Matched Self-Organizing Maps Authors: Narine Manukyan; Margaret J. Eppstein; Donna M. Rizzo Page(s): 846 - 852

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