Wednesday, 15 February 2012

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Vol. 9, No. 2, March/April 2012

A Hybrid EKF and Switching PSO Algorithm for Joint State and Parameter Estimation of Lateral Flow Immunoassay Models
Nianyin Zeng, Zidong Wang, Yurong Li, Min Du, Xiaohui Liu

A New Efficient Algorithm for the Gene-Team Problem on General Sequences
Biing-Feng Wang, Chung-Chin Kuo, Shang-Ju Liu, Chien-Hsin Lin

A New Efficient Data Structure for Storage and Retrieval of Multiple Biosequences
Sascha Steinbiss, Stefan Kurtz

A Swarm Intelligence Framework for Reconstructing Gene Networks: Searching for Biologically Plausible Architectures
Kyriakos Kentzoglanakis, Matthew Poole

Algorithms for Reticulate Networks of Multiple Phylogenetic Trees
Zhi-Zhong Chen, Lusheng Wang

Antilope?A Lagrangian Relaxation Approach to the de novo Peptide Sequencing Problem
Sandro Andreotti, Gunnar W. Klau, Knut Reinert

Constructing and Drawing Regular Planar Split Networks
Andreas Spillner, Binh T. Nguyen, Vincent Moulton

DICLENS: Divisive Clustering Ensemble with Automatic Cluster Number
Selim Mimaroglu, Emin Aksehirli

Efficient Maximal Repeat Finding Using the Burrows-Wheeler Transform and Wavelet Tree
M. Oguzhan Kulekci, Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Bojian Xu

Eigen-Genomic System Dynamic-Pattern Analysis (ESDA): Modeling mRNA Degradation and Self-Regulation
Daifeng Wang, Mia K. Markey, Claus O. Wilke, Ari Arapostathis

GSGS: A Computational Approach to Reconstruct Signaling Pathway Structures from Gene Sets
Lipi R. Acharya, Thair Judeh, Zhansheng Duan, Michael G. Rabbat, Dongxiao Zhu

Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes for Time-Course Microarray Data Based on Modified RM ANOVA
Ola ElBakry, M. Omair Ahmad, M.N.S. Swamy

Identifying Bacterial Virulent Proteins by Fusing a Set of Classifiers Based on Variants of Chou's Pseudo Amino Acid Composition and on Evolutionary Information
Loris Nanni, Alessandra Lumini, Dinesh Gupta, Aarti Garg

Molecular Dynamics Trajectory Compression with a Coarse-Grained Model
Yi-Ming Cheng, Srinivasa Murthy Gopal, Sean M. Law, Michael Feig

Multiscale Binarization of Gene Expression Data for Reconstructing Boolean Networks
Martin Hopfensitz, Christoph Mussel, Christian Wawra, Markus Maucher, Michael Kuhl, Heiko Neumann, Hans A. Kestler

Mutation Region Detection for Closely Related Individuals without a Known Pedigree
Wenji Ma, Yong Yang, Zhi-Zhong Chen, Lusheng Wang

On Complexity of Protein Structure Alignment Problem under Distance Constraint
Aleksandar Poleksic

On the Elusiveness of Clusters
Steven M. Kelk, Celine Scornavacca, Leo van Iersel

Optimizing Phylogenetic Networks for Circular Split Systems
Paul Phipps, Sergey Bereg

Output-Sensitive Algorithms for Finding the Nested Common Intervals of Two General Sequences
Biing-Feng Wang

Parallelized Evolutionary Learning for Detection of Biclusters in Gene Expression Data
Qinghua Huang, Dacheng Tao, Xuelong Li, Alan Wee-Chung Liew

Quantum Gate Circuit Model of Signal Integration in Bacterial Quorum Sensing
Ioannis G. Karafyllidis

Robust Classification Method of Tumor Subtype by Using Correlation Filters
Shu-Lin Wang, Yi-Hai Zhu, Wei Jia, De-Shuang Huang

SimBioNeT: A Simulator of Biological Network Topology
Barbara Di Camillo, Marco Falda, Gianna Toffolo, Claudio Cobelli

Structural SCOP Superfamily Level Classification Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
Ulavappa B. Angadi, M. Venkatesulu

Subcellular Localization Prediction through Boosting Association Rules
Yongwook Yoon, Gary Geunbae Lee

The Impact of Normalization and Phylogenetic Information on Estimating the Distance for Metagenomes
Chien-Hao Su, Tse-Yi Wang, Ming-Tsung Hsu, Francis Cheng-Hsuan Weng, Cheng-Yan Kao, Daryi Wang, Huai-Kuang Tsai

The LASSO and Sparse Least Squares Regression Methods for SNP Selection in Predicting Quantitative Traits
Zeny Z. Feng, Xiaojian Yang, Sanjeena Subedi, Paul D. McNicholas

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