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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Vol. 23, No. 1, January 2012

The following articles appear in the latest issue of IEEE Transactions on
Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2012.

The articles can be retrieved on IEEE Xplore:
or directly by clicking the individual paper URL below.

Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2012

1. Title: Neural Networks and Learning Systems Come Together
Authors: Derong Liu
Page(s): 1 - 6

2. Title: Extended Hamiltonian Learning on Riemannian Manifolds: Numerical Aspects
Authors: Fiori, S.
Page(s): 7 - 21

3. Title: Quantized Kernel Least Mean Square Algorithm
Authors: Badong Chen Songlin Zhao Pingping Zhu Principe, J.C.
Page(s): 22 - 32

4. Title: Fast and Robust Object Detection Using Asymmetric Totally Corrective Boosting
Authors: Peng Wang Chunhua Shen Barnes, N. Hong Zheng
Page(s): 33 - 46

5. Title: Assessing Granger Non-Causality Using Nonparametric Measure of Conditional Independence
Authors: Seth, S. Principe, J.C.
Page(s): 47 - 59

6. Title: Synchronization of Markovian Coupled Neural Networks With Nonidentical Node-Delays and Random Coupling Strengths
Authors: Xinsong Yang Jinde Cao Jianquan Lu
Page(s): 60 - 71

7. Title: Visualized Analysis of Mixed Numeric and Categorical Data Via Extended Self-Organizing Map
Authors: Chung-Chian Hsu Shu-Han Lin
Page(s): 72 - 86

8. Title: Robustness Analysis of Global Exponential Stability of Recurrent Neural Networks in the Presence of Time Delays and Random Disturbances
Authors: Yi Shen Jun Wang
Page(s): 87 - 96

9. Title: Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Induction Motors Using Motor Current Signature Analysis and a Hybrid FMM–CART Model
Authors: Seera, M. Chee Peng Lim Ishak, D. Singh, H.
Page(s): 97 - 108

10. Title: Existence and Uniqueness of Pseudo Almost-Periodic Solutions of Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Coefficients and Mixed Delays
Authors: Ammar, B. Cherif, F. Alimi, A.M.
Page(s): 109 - 118

11. Title: Variable Sampling Approach to Mitigate Instability in Networked Control Systems With Delays
Authors: Lopez-Echeverria, D. Magana, M.E.
Page(s): 119 - 126

12. Title: Tree-Structured Feature Extraction Using Mutual Information
Authors: Oveisi, F. Oveisi, S. Erfanian, A. Patras, I.
Page(s): 127 - 137

13. Title: Adaptive Dynamic Output Feedback Neural Network Control of Uncertain MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Prescribed Performance
Authors: Kostarigka, A.K. Rovithakis, G.A.
Page(s): 138 - 149

14. Title: Compact Image Representation Model Based on Both nCRF and Reverse Control Mechanisms
Authors: Hui Wei Xiao-Mei Wang Loi Lei Lai
Page(s): 150 - 162

15. Title: Model Selection for Gaussian Kernel PCA Denoising
Authors: Jorgensen, K.W. Hansen, L.K.
Page(s): 163 - 168

16. Title: Multinomial Least Angle Regression
Authors: Gluhovsky, I.
Page(s): 169 - 174

17. Title: Nonlinear System Modeling With Random Matrices: Echo State Networks Revisited
Authors: Bai Zhang Miller, D.J. Yue Wang
Page(s): 175 - 182

18. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks & Learning Systems-Special issue on learning in nonevoltionary & evolving environments
Page(s): 183

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