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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks; Volume 22, Issue 5, May 2011.

The following articles appear in the latest issue of
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks; Volume 22, Issue 5, May 2011.

The articles can be retrieved on IEEE Xplore:
or directly by clicking the individual paper URL below.

1. Title: Reduced HyperBF Networks: Regularization by Explicit Complexity Reduction and Scaled Rprop-Based Training
Authors: Rami N. Mahdi; Eric Christian Rouchka
Page(s): 673-686

2. Title: Extended Hamiltonian Learning on Riemannian Manifolds: Theoretical Aspects
Authors: Simone Fiori
Page(s): 687-700

3. Title: Binary Higher Order Neural Networks for Realizing Boolean Functions
Authors: Chao Zhang; Jie Yang; Wei Wu
Page(s): 701-713

4. Title: Recurrent Neural Network for Non-Smooth Convex Optimization Problems With Application to the Identification of Genetic Regulatory Networks
Authors: Long Cheng; Zeng-Guang Hou; Yingzi Lin; Min Tan; Wenjun Chris Zhang; Fang-Xiang Wu
Page(s): 714-726

5. Title: On Efficient Learning Machine With Root-Power Mean Neuron in Complex Domain
Authors: Bipin Kumar Tripathi; Prem Kumar Kalra
Page(s): 727-738

6. Title: Maximum Margin Multiple Instance Clustering With Applications to Image and Text Clustering
Authors: Dan Zhang; Fei Wang; Luo Si; Tao Li
Page(s): 739-751

7. Title: A Novel Rotate-and-Fire Digital Spiking Neuron and its Neuron-Like Bifurcations and Responses
Authors: Tetsuya Hishiki; Hiroyuki Torikai
Page(s): 752-767

8. Title: Moving-Horizon State Estimation for Nonlinear Systems Using Neural Networks
Authors: Angelo Alessandri; Marco Baglietto; Giorgio Battistelli; Mauro Gaggero
Page(s): 768-780

9. Title: Novel Layered Clustering-Based Approach for Generating Ensemble of Classifiers
Authors: Ashfaqur Rahman; Brijesh Verma
Page(s): 781-792

10. Title: Blind Image Quality Assessment Using a General Regression Neural Network
Authors: Chaofeng Li; Alan Conrad Bovik; Xiaojun Wu
Page(s): 793-799

11. Title: Weighted Rule Based Adaptive Algorithm for Simultaneously Extracting Generalized Eigenvectors
Authors: Jian Yang; Yu Zhao; Hongsheng Xi
Page(s): 800-806

12. Title: Complete Delay-Decomposing Approach to Asymptotic Stability for Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Authors: Hong-Bing Zeng; Yong He; Min Wu; Chang-Fan Zhang
Page(s): 806-812

13. Title: New Delay-Dependent Stability Criteria for Neural Networks With Two Additive Time-Varying Delay Components
Authors: Hanyong Shao; Qing-Long Han
Page(s): 812-818

14. Title: Modeling of Complex-Valued Wiener Systems Using B-Spline Neural Network
Authors: Xia Hong; Sheng Chen
Page(s): 818-825

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