Saturday, 4 June 2011

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, vol. 19, issue 2, 2011

1. Seclusion-Factor Method to Solve Fuzzy-Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Problems
Author(s): Hadi-Vencheh, A., Mirjaberi, M.
Page(s): 201 - 209

2. Scalable TSK Fuzzy Modeling for Very Large Datasets Using Minimal-Enclosing-Ball Approximation
Author(s): Zhaohong Deng, Kup-Sze Choi, Fu-Lai Chung, Shitong Wang
Page(s): 210 - 226

3. An Enhanced Type-Reduction Algorithm for Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Chi-Yuan Yeh, Jeng, W.-H.R., Shie-Jue Lee
Page(s): 227 - 240

4. Top-Down Induction of Fuzzy Pattern Trees
Author(s): Senge, R., Hullermeier, E.
Page(s): 241 - 252

5. Information Granularity in Fuzzy Binary GrC Model
Author(s): Yuhua Qian, Jiye Liang, Wu, W.-z.Z., Chuangyin Dang
Page(s): 253 - 264

6. Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control by Backstepping for a Class of MIMO Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Hyeongcheol Lee
Page(s): 265 - 275

7. Decentralized Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Interconnected Dynamic Delay Systems via Mixed $H_2/!H_infty$ Optimization With Smith Predictor
Author(s): Chih-Lyang Hwang
Page(s): 276 – 290

8. Integrated Fault Estimation and Accommodation Design for Discrete-Time Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems With Actuator Faults
Author(s): Bin Jiang, Ke Zhang, Peng Shi
Page(s): 291 - 304

9. ANCFIS: A Neurofuzzy Architecture Employing Complex Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Zhifei Chen, Aghakhani, S., Man, J., Dick, S.
Page(s): 305 - 322

10. Control Synthesis of T-S Fuzzy Systems Based on a New Control Scheme
Author(s): Jiuxiang Dong, Guang-Hong Yang
Page(s): 323 - 338

11. A TS-Type Maximizing-Discriminability-Based Recurrent Fuzzy Network for Classification Problems
Author(s): Gin-Der Wu, Zhen-Wei Zhu, Pang-Hsuan Huang
Page(s): 339 - 352

12. $H_{infty }$ Filtering For Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems Subject to Quantization and Packet Dropouts
Author(s): Changzhu Zhang, Gang Feng, Huijun Gao, Jianbin Qiu
Page(s): 353 - 365

13. Model Approximation for Discrete-Time State-Delay Systems in the T–S Fuzzy Framework
Author(s): Ligang Wu, Xiaojie Su, Peng Shi, Jianbin Qiu
Page(s): 366 - 378

14. Evolutionary-Group-Based Particle-Swarm-Optimized Fuzzy Controller With Application to Mobile-Robot Navigation in Unknown Environments
Author(s): Chia-Feng Juang, Yu-Cheng Chang
Page(s): 379 - 392

15. A New Fuzzy Impulsive Control of Chaotic Systems Based on T–S Fuzzy Model
Author(s): Yang Liu, Shouwei Zhao, Jianquan Lu
Page(s): 393 - 398

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