Thursday, 17 May 2018

IEEE CIS Webinar: Challenging the stigma surrounding the role of women in technology, a journey from combinatorial optimization to IBM (8th June)

Webinar Speaker: Dr Amy Khalfay, Early Career Researcher, IBM
Date: 8th June 2018 at: 15:00 BST

Abstract: This session will cover the role of females within the technology and wider STEM sector. Many people feel that you must have studied a certain degree, know a programming language, or prefer to work alone to be able to have a career in technology. This is not the case, these careers are open to everyone, from any background. During this session we will be exploring some of the misconceptions about careers within STEM, discovering the many types of roles and doing some myth busting. We will also discuss my personal journey to becoming a graduate technology consultant for IBM, my background of research and my commitment to ensure more females enter STEM careers.  My PhD, titled "Optimization heuristics for solving technician and task scheduling problems", focused on solving NP hard combinatorial optimization problems that arise in the real world and was sponsored by industry. The project enabled me to enhance my soft skills, write academically, learn to code and develop a deeper understanding of real world business problems and innovative ways to solve them.

Registration link:

Webinar ID: 938-415-115

Dr Amy Khalfay is currently a graduate technology consultant for IBM, joining in October 2017. Prior to this Amy completed a BSc in Mathematics (2014) and a PhD in Operational Research (2017). Amy is also a committee member of IEEE Women in Engineering. Amy’s research area is combinatorial optimisation, solving NP hard scheduling problems. Areas of skill include Java, Statistical Analysis, Mathematical Modelling and Algorithm Design and Development. 

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