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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 4, April 2012

1. Title: Generalization Characteristics of Complex-Valued Feedforward Neural Networks in Relation to Signal Coherence
Authors: Akira Hirose; Shotaro Yoshida
Page(s): 541 - 551

2. Title: Tackling Learning Intractability Through Topological Organization and Regulation of Cortical Networks
Authors: Jekanthan Thangavelautham; Gabriele M. T. D’Eleuterio
Page(s): 552 - 564

3. Title: Neural Learning Circuits Utilizing Nano-Crystalline Silicon Transistors and Memristors
Authors: Kurtis D. Cantley; Anand Subramaniam; Harvey J. Stiegler; Richard A. Chapman; Eric M. Vogel
Page(s): 565 - 573

4. Title: Spiking Neural Network Model of Sound Localization Using the Interaural Intensity Difference
Authors: Julie A. Wall; Liam J. McDaid; Liam P. Maguire; Thomas M. McGinnity
Page(s): 574 - 586

5. Title: Minimum Data Requirement for Neural Networks Based on Power Spectral Density Analysis
Authors: Jiamei Deng; Bastian Maass; Richard Stobart
Page(s): 587 - 595

6. Title: Feature Extraction With Deep Neural Networks by a Generalized Discriminant Analysis
Authors: André Stuhlsatz; Jens Lippel; Thomas Zielke
Page(s): 596 - 608

7. Title: Fast and Efficient Second-Order Method for Training Radial Basis Function Networks
Authors: Tiantian Xie; Hao Yu; Joel Hewlett; Pawe Rózycki; Bogdan Wilamowski
Page(s): 609 - 619

8. Title: General Robot Kinematics Decomposition Without Intermediate Markers
Authors: Stefan Ulbrich; Vicente Ruiz de Angulo; Tamim Asfour; Carme Torras; Rüdiger Dillmann
Page(s): 620 - 630

9. Title: Feature Extraction for Change-Point Detection Using Stationary Subspace Analysis
Authors: Duncan A. J. Blythe; Paul von Bünau; Frank C. Meinecke; Klaus-Robert Müller
Page(s): 631 - 643

10. Title: Tangent Hyperplane Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Denoising
Authors: Joon-Ku Im; Daniel W. Apley; George C. Runger
Page(s): 644 - 656

11. Title: Modified Kolmogorov's Neural Network in the Identification of Hammerstein and Wiener Systems
Authors: Jarosaw Michalkiewicz
Page(s): 657 - 662

12. Title: Mode and Delay-Dependent Adaptive Exponential Synchronization in pth Moment for Stochastic Delayed Neural Networks With Markovian Switching
Authors: Wuneng Zhou; Dongbing Tong; Yan Gao; Chuan Ji; Hongye Su
Page(s): 662 - 668

13. Title: A Priori Guaranteed Evolution Within the Neural Network Approximation Set and Robustness Expansion via Prescribed Performance Control
Authors: Charalampos P. Bechlioulis; George A. Rovithakis
Page(s): 669 - 675

14. Title: Analysis on the Convergence Time of Dual Neural Network-Based kWTA
Authors: Yi Xiao; Yuxin Liu; Chi-Sing Leung; John Pui-Fai Sum; Kevin Ho
Page(s): 676 - 682

15. Title: Reducing the Number of Support Vectors of SVM Classifiers Using the Smoothed Separable Case Approximation
Authors: Dries Geebelen; Johan A. K. Suykens; Joos Vandewalle
Page(s): 682 - 688

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