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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks; Volume 22, Issue 7, July 2011

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Volume 22, Issue 7, July 2011

1. Title: Growing Hierarchical Probabilistic Self-Organizing Graphs
Authors: Ezequiel Lopez-Rubio; Esteban Jose Palomo
Page(s): 997-1008

2. Title: Cluster Synchronization in Directed Networks Via Intermittent Pinning Control
Authors: Xiwei Liu; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 1009-1020

3. Title: Selectable and Unselectable Sets of Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks With Saturated Piecewise Linear Transfer Function
Authors: Lei Zhang; Zhang Yi
Page(s): 1021-1031

4. Title: LMI-Based Approach for Global Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks with Various Delays and Structures
Authors: Zhanshan Wang; Huaguang Zhang; Bin Jiang
Page(s): 1032-1045

5. Title: Analysis and Compensation of the Effects of Analog VLSI Arithmetic on the LMS Algorithm
Authors: Gonzalo Carvajal; Miguel Figueroa; Daniel Sbarbaro; Waldo Valenzuela
Page(s): 1046-1060

6. Title: A Sequential Learning Algorithm for Complex-Valued Self-Regulating Resource Allocation Network-CSRAN
Authors: Sundaram Suresh; Ramasamy Savitha; Narasimhan Sundararajan
Page(s): 1061-1072

7. Title: Adaptive Neural Network Decentralized Backstepping Output-Feedback Control for Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems With Time Delays
Authors: Shao Cheng Tong; Yong Ming Li; Hua-Guang Zhang
Page(s): 1073-1086

8. Title: Sparse Neural Networks With Large Learning Diversity
Authors: Vincent Gripon; Claude Berrou
Page(s): 1087-1096

9. Title: Phase Synchronization Motion and Neural Coding in Dynamic Transmission of Neural Information
Authors: Rubin Wang; Zhikang Zhang; Jingyi Qu; Jianting Cao
Page(s): 1097-1106

10. Title: Iterative Algorithm for Joint Zero Diagonalization With Application in Blind Source Separation
Authors: Wei-Tao Zhang; Shun-Tian Lou
Page(s): 1107-1118

11. Title: Local Linear Discriminant Analysis Framework Using Sample Neighbors
Authors: Zizhu Fan; Yong Xu; David Zhang
Page(s): 1119-1132

12. Title: Adaptive Learning and Control for MIMO System Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Authors: Jian Fu; Haibo He; Xinmin Zhou
Page(s): 1133-1148

13. Title: Spectral Clustering on Multiple Manifolds
Authors: Yong Wang; Yuan Jiang; Yi Wu; Zhi-Hua Zhou
Page(s): 1149-1161

14. Title: Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Tracking Control for a Class of Uncertain Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems
Authors: Yan-Jun Liu; C. L. Philip Chen; Guo-Xing Wen; Shaocheng Tong
Page(s): 1162-1167

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